Project Management: Stakeholders and Driving Change & Identifying and Managing Risk
This session will focus on stakeholders and risk. In the morning, we will focus on stakeholders and driving change. A project manager is responsible for leading the project and team, but did you ever wondered how to manage everyone else impacted by the project? How do you influence non-project team members to support the project? This session is designed to provide answers about engaging stakeholders and driving change. In the afternoon, we will focus on identifying and managing risk. Uncertainty exists in all that we do. Even repeating work can have a measure of uncertainty. In project management terms, we call this risk. While risk cannot be eliminated, it can be identified and managed. CEU credits: 0.6
Executive and Professional Development
Wednesday, September 18
9am - 4pm
Ages 18 and up
Center for Innovation & Growth (CIG), 340 Front St, Berea, OH
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