Falcon 1 - July 1-3
Falcon 1 - Natural Crafters

For campers going into 3rd-7th grades.
Tiered Pricing ($198 - $168 - $138)

Calling all Crafters & Creators! Discover the abundant art supplies we can find in the natural world as we spend a week sculpting, painting, and engineering art projects.

During Falcon Camp Session 1, campers will learn which plants to harvest for that perfect shade of yellow to naturally dye fabrics, and how to use soil to create new colors and textures in their paintings. Each day, campers can return to their projects to continue to build upon their artwork. At the end of the week, campers’ art will be featured for other campers at Wildlife Camps to view.

Other activities this week will include paddleboarding along the shoreline at Lake Macbride, fishing at Lake Macbride, and archery.

Pick up and Drop off Locations:
Choose from the Macbride Nature Recreation Area in Solon, IA or the Athletics Hall of Fame in Iowa City, IA

Late Stay Option available for additional $45 at the Athletics Hall of Fame.
Macbride Nature Recreation Area
July 1-3, 2024
Grades 3rd - 7th
Tiered Pricing ($198 - $168 - $138)
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