June Restorative Yoga
This evening class will combine the meditative qualities of a slow flow and the deep nourishment of a restorative practice. Beginning with a slow and intentional flow to move stagnant energy, we will then shift toward longer held, fully supported, restorative postures to foster quiet and calm in both mind and body. During this practice, we will cultivate a sense of steadiness and ease within, as we move into a more quiet and still space. All are welcome, from beginner to seasoned practitioner, for this hour of self care.

Restorative yoga requires props - please come prepared with:

Yoga mat
Blanket (a yoga blanket, or any firm blanket will work)
Bolster or pillow(s)
2 yoga blocks
Yoga strap (or scarf)

*NOTE: If you do not own the above, feel free to be creative, or to reach out prior to class for recommendations on sourcing props or help choosing alternative items from around your home to bring instead! jlgaudet@gmail.com

LOCATION: All Seasons Barn, 82 Ridge St, Winchester

6/24/2024 7:00 PM - 6/24/2024 8:00 PM
Ages 18 and up
Tiered pricing available
Registration is no longer available
Adult Education
Tiered Pricing
Tier A
Pay-it-forward price (helping others access this program)
+ $25.00
Tier B
Cost to run program
+ $20.00
Tier C
Reduced price for accessibility
+ $15.00