River Otters Session 10: My Big Backyard
Alert: there are wild animals all over your neighborhood right now! Also, they were there yesterday, and they’ll be there tomorrow. There will always be wild animals, right in our own backyard! We’ll explore how we can be good neighbors for wildlife in our immediate neighborhoods, across our state, and around the world.

River Otters lets kids spend the day tracking a grizzly bear, traveling through the forests of Borneo and discovering the Wild in our very own backyard. Each curriculum has a theme which will develop throughout the week with zoo exploration, activities, games, big body play and empathy building opportunities.

Curricula align with age-appropriate learning and development standards with an emphasis on both a camper’s development as a scientist and peer collaboration
8/26/2024 - 8/30/2024
9:00 AM - 3:30 PM
Ages 7 - 9
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Registration Fee$3.50