Force 3
For Campers ages 9-12
Campers who come to the Force week will participate in a variety of activities as they enjoy a week of camp life. Force campers will create great friendships with cabin mates and their cabin counselor. They will participate in engaging Bible Studies and devotions each day as they grow in their faith. Force campers select 2 Adventure Options on Wednesday and Thursday of their week of camp. Adventure Options include: rafting, mountain biking, sports, fishing, and more!
6/23/2024 - 6/28/2024
Ages 9 - 12
Tier A: $600 Tier B: $475 Tier C: $380
Registration is no longer available
Tiered Pricing
Tier A
Tier A prices reflect the TRUE COST of a camp experience.
+ $600.00
Tier B
Tier B prices are partially subsidized by donors. (Comparable to the 2023 Pricing)
+ $475.00
Tier C
Tier C prices are significantly subsidized by donors.
+ $380.00
Adventure Options- Force
In Camp
A day full of fun camp activities like crafts, baking, hiking, swimming, and games! Campers enjoy a slower paced day of camp activities with friends.
Mountain Biking
Campers should have experience riding bikes before signing up for this activity. Campers are taught basic mountain bike safety and skills before they ride on trails at camp. Experienced staff will guide the campers through the trails. This adventure option does require physical exertion, and is recommended for campers with above average physical fitness. Helmets and good shoes will be worn at all times.
Campers will float down the Illinois River with friends and camp staff members. This 6 mile Raft trip is a favorite of many campers. Campers and staff will wear life jackets all day. We send 1 staff member for every 5 campers on rafting trips. Rafting days can be hot, tiring, and fun!
Play your favorite sports and games, learn a new skill, or make up your own sport! A day of sports may include: basketball, rumble ball, volleyball, soccer, swimming, and more. The campers will need good athletic shoes. Plenty of water and sunscreen will go with them at all times.
Explore the woods, learning about the great outdoors, and build a campfire! Hike all the trails at camp! Spend a day getting dirty and smelly in God's creation.
Learn about fishing gear and how to cast. Spend the day fishing along the Illinois River at camp. Campers will be supervised all day, especially as they fish along the river bed. Life jackets will be worn when necessary.
Early Registration Discount- Summer
Register by May 1st. If at least the deposit is paid by May 1st each camp registration will receive a $30 discount. (applies to Sunday-Friday camp sessions)
$30.00 / per person
New Friend Discount
Are you a Returning Camper who is inviting a new friend to camp? This Discount is for you: If you recruit a friend to register for Camp Lutherhoma who has not been to Camp Lutherhoma as a summer camper in 5 years, you receive a $30 discount, and they receive a $30 discount on week-long residential camps and Rock and Ride. **This discount must be approved by our office staff, it will not automatically apply to your cart.
Family Discount
The first registered camper from your family pays the full fee. Each additional registered camper from your family receives a $30 discount. This discount only applies to week long youth camp sessions (not Family Camp or Mommy/Daddy and Me).