JOY Junior High Youth Gathering
Retreat cabin space FULL FOR FEMALES as of 9/15.

JOY Junior High Oklahoma District Youth Gathering for 6th to 8th graders. Church groups must register together. Youth can not attend without a chaperone from their church.

Check-in begins at 8 PM on Friday evening and opening activities begin at 9 PM.
10/6/2023 7:00 PM - 10/8/2023 11:00 AM
Ages 11 - 18
Youth Participants: 6th to 8th grade. Fees based on housing and participant type
Registration is no longer available
Journey Participant Type
Retreat Cabin Male Housing- Pine
Pine Retreat Cabin
If you are staying in the Retreat Cabins please add the TOTAL number of MALES in your group.
Summer Cabin Housing- male and female assigned to separate cabins
Summer Cabins
If you are staying in the Summer Cabins please add the TOTAL number of PEOPLE in your group.

High School Leaders are staying in the summer cabins. Include them here.