Frequently Asked Questions

Preschool Program

Q:Can my child attend if he/she is not 2 years old yet? 3 years old?
A:Children must be 2 years old before they can start at camp. If your child will turn 2 during camp, you may send he/she after they turn 2 years old. This is a state policy, we are sorry for any inconvenience.
Only children who are 3 years old at the start of camp can participate in the 3 year old program at Camp Gan Israel. If your child is not 3 at the start of camp, they will need to be with the other 2 year olds.

Q:How will you group the kids?
A:All children that are 2 years old will be in the 2 year old class. All children that are 3 years old will be in the 3 year old class.
A child who will be in a preK program during the 2018-2019 school year, and is 4 years old when camp starts will be in the 4's group. Children who will be entering Kindergarten during the 2018-2019 school year, but are still 4 years old, may be in the Kindergarten program. Please note on your registration form the grade your child will be entering in the 2018-2019 school year.

Q:Will they go on trips? buses?
A:2-3 year olds will not go on any trips or buses.
4 year olds will go on the trips with the K and 1st graders. They will also go on the smaller trips and to the gyms 1-2 times a week.
We use Point to Point school buses. They are all air conditioned. Most, if not all, will have seat belts but we are not guaranteed to have buses with seat belts. Children are taught how to safely ride on the buses, no standing, walking or screaming on the bus. Counselors are seated throughout the bus to ensure childrens safety.

Q:Will they go to the pools?
A:2-3 year olds will only "swim" on site in our covered splash pools and sprinklers. They will swim on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday.
4 year olds will not go swimming at the pools. We will have splash pools and sprinklers for the children to play in on the days the rest of the camp is swimming (Monday and Thursday). Children are required to wear swim shoes at the outdoor pools.

Q:Will you put sunscreen on them?
A:We will put sunscreen on the children before they go swimming in the afternoon. Please put sunscreen on your child before they come to camp.

Q:Do you feed the children snacks? What about lunch?
A:We give the children a small snack when they come to camp, between 9 and 10. Lunches need to be dairy or parve, please do not send any meat products. We also offer hot lunch, for purchase, 2 days a week. This lunch is from Cafe Fino. We will have a form to fill out soon.

Q:Will the children have any down/rest time?
A:We will have a daily rest time, in the afternoon, for the 2-3 year olds. Please send a towel or blanket for them to use on our mats.
For the 4 year olds, we will also have a rest period daily, when schedule allows. This should happen most days, except big trip days. Please send a towel or blanket for them to use on our mats.