Frequently Asked Questions


Q:How many people can sleep in a cabin?
A:Each single cabin sleeps up to 12 people. There are two double-size cabins that are split into two rooms, each room sleeps up to 12 people, for a total of 24 people.

Q:What are the bathroom facilities like?
A:There are two separate bathroom and shower facilities on camp, both located near the cabins. Each building is divided into two sides and has 3-4 bathroom stalls and 3-4 shower stalls per side.

There are also restroom facilities in the Dining Hall and Game Room.

Q:What type of bedding is provided for sleeping?
A:Our cabins have camp-style bunk beds with camp mattresses, 4" foam mattresses with vinyl covers. Guests provide their own bedding, generally a sleeping bag and pillow. Twin size sheets also fit nicely onto the mattresses if you prefer to bring your own sheets.


Q:Is there a way to get financial assistance to attend camp?
A:Camp Hickory Hill has a scholarship program to help those who may not be able to afford camp.

To apply for a scholarship, please complete the correct application form below:

Click here to apply for a Summer Camp Scholarship.

Click here to apply for a Scholarship toward a Camp Event or Retreat.

Food Service

Q:What if I have food allergies?
A:We do our best to accommodate those with special dietary needs due to food allergies. Due to the increasing rate of peanut allergies, we strive to be a peanut-free facility and do not use peanuts or ingredients containing peanuts in our kitchen.

If you are attending camp and have food allergies, please use the "contact us" link to inquire about how we can best accommodate your needs.

Q:What types of meals will be provided at camp?
A:Depending on the event you are attending, our meals are designed to best serve the group at camp.

During Summer Camp and family events, we serve well rounded meals with care taken to make sure our menu includes foods most children enjoy. A salad bar is often available to supplement a meal.

Our guest groups (rentals) have the opportunity to select their own menu when they reserve camp for their event.