Frequently Asked Questions

Summer Camp

Q:Are there any special needs to consider when packing for camp?
A:• Camp is a good place to wear out old clothes.
• Try to consider ALL possible weather conditions when packing.
• Use the PACKING and UNPACKING lists that are provided in this guide.
• Campers will be responsible for providing their own bedding (see packing list), all toiletries and clothing.
•Campers are asked to bring creek stomping shoes. Most types of shoes will work as a creek stomping shoe EXCEPT flip flops. Having a designated pair of shoes to get wet in the creek ensures that campers will have dry shoes for other activities. Sending additional socks and more than one pair of shoes for dry wear is also recommended.
•Please do not let your child bring any items or clothing of great value or of emotional attachment. Things can get soiled easily, and in a cabin full of excited campers, personal belongings can get mixed up and lost.
• Labeling all items is suggested to help keep your camper’s belongings easily distinguished from others and to make retrieval from lost and found easier.
• Remember that comfortable shoes will make traveling around camp a much more pleasant experience, and participating in High Ropes, Horseback Riding or Caving (for Adventure campers) will require athletic type shoes (closed toe, sports sandals are not OK for these activities).

Q:How do I find out how my child is doing while at camp?
A:• You may call or email camp to check on your child. The best time to contact camp is during regular business hours, so that someone in the office will be available to receive your request. Please phone Lauren Verhiley at 1-812-988-2839, ext. 122 or e-mail
• Our staff will check on your camper, and call you back to inform you about how he or she is doing. Sometimes this takes time; we field several of these requests each day.
• We will not notify your camper that you have called.
• Personal calls and return e-mails are not permitted by campers during their stay at camp.

Q:What if I need to change sessions?
A:You can return to your camp account at any time to cancel and make a new reservation. You will sign in with the username and password you created. We are unable to take change requests over the phone or via email.

Q:What if my child is unable to attend the session registered for?
A:Please contact Lauren at 812-988-2839, ext. 122 as soon as you can. If your cancellation occurs more than 3 weeks before your child’s camp session, then all fees are refundable, less a $75 cancellation fee. If your cancellation occurs less than 3 weeks before your camp session, then all fees are non-refundable.

Q:When will my child find out what cabin they are in and if their friends are in the same group?
A:During check-in you will receive your child’s cabin group and counselor assignments.
• To ensure that campers can be grouped with their friends, groups are not assigned until the day prior to their camp session.
• Requests to be grouped with a friend within 2 years of age will be honored whenever possible. Campers of like age (within 2 years) will make up the remainder of your child’s group.
• Large groups (7 or more) who are requesting to be in one cabin group will be divided into separate groups. Efforts will be made to house all campers of a large group into two groups in the same cabin and to schedule as many activities as possible together.