Frequently Asked Questions

Children's Camps Information

Q:How much money should be put in the camp store for my camper?
A:BAR recommends giving your camper $25-50 for the camp store to purchase great BAR apparel, backpacks, stuffed animals, snacks, and trinkets.

Any money remaining at the end of the week will be refunded to your camper.

Q:My child is staying multiple weeks, can he/she do laundry?
A:Broken Arrow Ranch provides a laundry service for campers who stay multiple weeks for camp AT NO EXTRA COST. Laundry is performed on the Sunday between camps.

General Camp Information

Q:Are the staff qualified to work at camp?

Q:How can I keep track of what is happening at Broken Arrow Ranch?
A:The best way to find out what Broken Arrow Ranch is doing is by regularly checking our website and blog for recent events and information, as our website is frequently updated.

You can also follow Broken Arrow Ranch on:
Instagram: @broken.arrow.ranch
Facebook: @BrokenArrowRanchKSNE

Pictures throughout each week are uploaded to A unique link and password is provided for the parents of each week to view and purchase, if desired.

Q:May I come visit?
A:Camp discourages visitors during camp sessions as it distracts from the program, message, and flow of camp.

If you would like to request an exception, please contact the camp director prior to arrival.

Q:What is the baptism policy at BAR?
A:Baptizing you or your camper at Broken Arrow Ranch would be a privilege for our leadership and staff. Although, we require the blessing of the parents and your pastor.

Q:What items are not allowed at Broken Arrow Ranch?
A:The leadership at Broken Arrow Ranch take every opportunity to make an emotionally and physically safe environment for campers and staff.

The following items are not allowed on camp property:
1) Electronic Devices (cell phones, MP3 players, gaming devices)
2) Firearms (including airsoft and paintball)
3) Other weapons of any kind
4) Fireworks
5) Knives with a blade larger than 6"
6) A bad attitude/bullying
7) Immodest/revealing clothing

*Note: Family Campers may have cell phones for emergency purposes, though cell service is limited.

Registration and Pick-up

Q:Can my camper be in the same cabin as his/her friend?
A:Our staff do our best to place your camper in a cabin full of great staff and future friends. Cabin placement is not final until 4pm the day of registration.

If you have a preference of counselor/cabin mate, please specify in your online registration.

Q:When does Registration begin?
A:Registration begins on the specified Sunday at 2:00pm and ends at 4:00pm in the BAR Lodge.

When you arrive, please bring the following:
Your Camper
Your Camper's belongings
All of your Camper's medications
Medication and Health Forms (with Physician's signature)
Payment (if necessary)
Extra money for offering and/or camp store
A great camp attitude!

Q:When should I pick up my Camper?
A:Camper pickup begins at 8:30am and ends at 10:30am on Sunday. If you are unable to arrive at camp for pickup during this time frame, please call and inform the camp.

Also, only individuals approved during the registration process will be allowed to pick up your camper. If a change needs to be made, written permission from the individual who registered the child is required.

Broken Arrow Ranch is owned and operated by the Kansas-Nebraska Conference of Seventh-day Adventists, a division of the Mid-America Union.
KS-NE Conference: (785) 478-4726 • 3440 Urish Rd. Topeka KS 66614
Broken Arrow Ranch: (785) 468-3638 • 1950 Sagebrush Rd. Olsburg, KS 66520
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