Frequently Asked Questions

Friendship Camp

A:Friendship Camp Applications are now being accepted. Go to reservations, select the week and register for the Friendship Camp Request session.

Summer Camp

A:While we are building this FAQ list,
Many of your Summer Camp questions can be answered on our website. Check out this page Summer Camp Forms

Friendship Camp

A:Details of Medications to be administered while at camp MUST be entered into your Account.

We prefer that ALL MEDICATIONS be in UNIT DOSE (Blister Pack etc.)

ALL Medications (including OTC) must be turned in to the Health Officer during check-in.
All medications (prescription and non- prescription) must be in their ORIGINAL CONTAINERS or we will not be able to accept or dispense them to the camper. This is a state regulation.

Any prescription medications can ONLY be dispensed as per the written directions on the container. If your camper is taking a different dosage (or at a different time) than listed you will need to get a new prescription filled, or bring a doctor’s prescription for the new dosage/time.

The Camp Health Office is stocked with basic over-the-counter medications; You will not need to bring these unless your campers has been prescribed to take them.

Q:When to Arrive
A:Friendship Camp Registration Begins MONDAY AT 10AM
Please DO NOT arrive early, as we will not be ready to serve you.
On arrival our staff will direct you through the registration process.

Q:When we will call you?
A:Stomachaches, headaches, minor poison ivy, slight abrasions, cuts, splinters, bruises and other small health concerns dealt with directly by the Camp Health Officer would not normally result in a notification call to a parent or guardian.

Extended low fevers (two days), any high fevers (101 degrees or above), severe abdominal or head pain, or any condition requiring a visit to the doctor is reported to parent or guardian immediately. In the event the parent or guardian cannot be reached, we notify the emergency contact as noted in the camper’s health information.