Frequently Asked Questions

Camp Store/Canteen

Q:How much money should I have for the camp store?
A:This is strictly optional. Items in the store range in price from $1-$40. A reasonable amount for 1 week of camp is $15-$20. Please send only the amount you wish for you camper to spend as we will not refund unused canteen money of less than $10.

Cancellations & Refunds

Q:What is your cancellation policy?
A:Please click on "Additional Options," and then "Document Center for a list of our various policies. They will be located on the right hand side under Downloadable Forms.

Q:How do I cancel my reservation?
A:Please call our office at 616-677-5251 and we will cancel your reservation for you.

Q:How do I request a refund?
A:If you are eligible for a refund per our Cancellation & Refund policy, please contact the Director of Financial Services.

Q:If the camper goes home early due to illness or behavior issues, will I get a refund?
A:Camp fees will NOT be refunded if a camper is sent home early due to illness or behaviors. Please see our Cancellation & Refund, and Behavior policies for more information.


Q:Where would I find copies of forms to fill out?
A:Most of the required forms come up as part of the registration process. If you missed one, click on "Additional Options" and then "Document Center." A list of online forms will appear on the left hand side. The Camper Physical Form will be emailed to you after you complete the registration process, or it is available for download in this same location, but on the right hand side.

Level of Care

Q:Where would I find a description of the different levels of care?
A:Click on Additional Options, then Document Center, and the Level Determination form will be listed on the left side. Click on it to open. Please call the Camp Director if you still have questions about the level of care required for the camper. During the registration process, you will also be directed to the level of care form if needed.

Q:How do I change the level of care if the wrong one was entered?
A:If you believe the wrong level of care was entered, please contact us at 616-677-5251 and we will be happy to discuss that with you and make any changes necessary.

Q:The level of care I need is not showing up for the camp session I am registering. What does this mean?
A:If the level of care is not available, it is because we are currently full for that level of camper for that session. However, we are constantly monitoring the campers and levels in each session and adjusting the number of open spots if possible. Please call us so we can make adjustments if possible.


Q:How do I update the list of medications if I already registered?
A:In order to edit and/or add medications, log in to your account. Click on the camper's name and then click on the Medications bar on the lower right. Click on "Manage Medications."


Q:How do I know what my balance is?
A:Once you log in to your account, your balance will show under "Account Summary." You may click on "View My Finances" to make a payment. For additional details about your reservation (third party, scholarship, camp store deposit), click on the binoculars next to the specific reservation.

Q:When is my balance due?
A:The balance must be paid 1 week before the start of the camp session. If a third party is paying all, or a portion of the camp fee, we will invoice them according to the instructions provided in the Third Party Payment form.

Q:Can I pay the balance when the camper is dropped off?
A:In order to speed up the check-in process, we require that the balance be paid 1 week prior to the session start date. If you have extenuating circumstances, please contact the Director of Financial Services.

Q:Is it possible to only pay a portion of my balance due?
A:You are welcome to make multiple payments on your balance, as long as the balance is paid 1 week prior to the session start date. Note that you may schedule credit card payments to be made on specific dates.

Q:If a third party will pay part of the balance, and I pay the rest, how do I enter that?
A:On the Third Party Form, if the amount to be paid is less than the total fee, we will assume that you will be paying the difference. After we enter the amount to be paid by the Third Party, your account will then show the amount you are responsible for.

Q:Why does my account show a balance if a third party will be paying in full?
A:Once the third party payment form is completed, it may take us a few days to update your account, depending on the third party that is responsible for payment. Incomplete information may also delay the process in adjusting your account. Campers with authorizations through Network 180 may also still show a balance if the authorization is expired, and/or the camper has used all of the days authorized.

Q:The "My Cart Page" refers to adding a sponsorship or 3rd party code. I don't know what this is.
A:You may disregard that. We will take care of processing the sponsorship/third party codes.

Physical Form

Q:Where do I find a copy of the physical form to take to the doctor for signature?
A:There are a couple of options. After you complete the online registration process, you will be emailed a confirmation with the physical form attached. You may then print this out. You may also go to "Additional Options," and then "Document Center" to print the form and directions for returning the document.

Q:How often do I need to update the physical form?
A:We must have a signed physical form on file that is dated within 12 months of when the camper will be at camp. For example, If the camper attended summer camp in June 2015, submits a physical dated May 10, 2015, but doesn't return to camp until July 2016, we would need an updated physical form. We would also want an updated form if there have been any changes to the camper's medical history.

Q:How do I know that my medical information has been received?
A:After you log in to your account, click on the camper's name, and then click on Forms. If there is a current (within 12 months of the camper's session) uploaded document called "Signed Camper Physical," then the information has been received. You will also receive email reminders if this process has not been completed.


Q:When will you start taking reservations for the summer?
A:Generally, summer camp registration will open on February 1. Fall respites will begin on August 1, and winter/spring on 11/1. Please watch our website for changes.

Q:How do I log in? What if I forgot my password?
A:If you are new to the online registration system, you will need to create an account. An email address is used for the username and you create your own password. If you forget your password or login, click on the "Forgot login information" link on the login page.

Q:I can't log in because the system doesn't recognize my email address. It won't let me create a new account.
A:The system tries to match up different information to prevent creating duplicate accounts. It's possible that someone else in your family created an account before with a different email address. We recommend that you try a different email address. You may also click on the "Forgot login information" link or call us for additional assistance.

Q:I am having problems completing the online application. Please mail me a paper application.
A:We are sorry that you are having problems. Please call or email us and we would be happy to assist you. If you still prefer a paper application, we will mail one to you. Please note that beginning with the Summer 2016 applications, there will be a $15 processing fee for paper applications.

Q:The date for the session I want to register for doesn't show up. Does this mean the session is full?
A:It either means that the camper isn't eligible for that session (due to age) or that the session if full. If it is full, scroll down the page to add the camper to the waiting list.

Q:May I request a cabinmate when I register?
A:Absolutely! Towards the bottom of the Care Information form is a spot where you may request a cabin mate.

Q:Why am I getting an email stating that my application is incomplete?
A:Your application is incomplete if you didn't proceed all the way to the Check out page, or if you didn't click on "Save without payment" (if applicable). Please call us for further assistance if needed.

Q:I am getting a message that there is a problem with the information I am trying to submit. What do I do?
A:Click ok when you get this message. Then scroll down the page you were working on. You will find the questions that were not answered but are required. Complete those questions and then continue.

Q:Is it possible to sign up for specific days of summer camp or do I have to sign up for the whole week?
A:The summer camp session is overnight from Sunday to Friday at 7pm. We also offer a Day Camp program which is available to campers age 5-26. Day Camp is Monday-Friday from 9:00am-4:00pm. Beginning in 2017, signups for our Day Camp will be for a week (M-F) at a time as opposed to individual days of the week.


Q:How do I request a scholarship for camp?
A:Please complete the Scholarship Application which can be found in the Document Center. It will also appear as part of the registration process if you indicate that you would like to request a scholarship. Incomplete scholarship applications will not be considered. Please make sure that all requested information is provided before submitting. IMPORTANT: If you do not receive an acknowledgement after submitting your scholarship applicaton online, then we did NOT receive it.

Q:How and when will I be notified if I have received a scholarship?
A:If you submit a scholarship application form for summer camp by April 23, 2018, you will be notified by email or phone by April 30. Any scholarship requests received after April 23 will be notified when & if funds become available. Requests for respite scholarships are generally processed about 1 month prior to the session for which the scholarship is requested.

Q:Is my scholarship application due by a certain date?
A:Yes, due to the volume of requests for financial assistance for summer camp, we have established a deadline of April 23, 2018 for submitting your application. Requests received after that date will be processed if & when funds become available. There is not a specific deadline for respite camp scholarships but we recommend that you submit your respite scholarship request as soon as a financial need is determined.

Q:May I send my tax information via email?
A:If you are requesting a scholarship of $500 or more AND the camper lives with the parent/guardian, a copy of the parent/guardian's most recent tax return MUST be submitted with the application. Incomplete applications will NOT be considered. Scholarship information may be emailed to

Waiting List

Q:May I be placed on a waiting list if the session I would like is full?
A:Yes. Scroll down to the bottom of the session page and you may check a box to be added to the waiting list.

Q:If I'm on the waiting list, how will I be notified if an opening becomes available?
A:We will call you if an opening becomes available.

Q:How do I remove my name from a waiting list?
A:Please call us if you would like to be removed from the waiting list and we will take care of that for you.

Q:Is there a waiting list for Day Camp?
A:Yes, we also have a waiting list for Day Camp. You may request to be on the waiting list for the week(s) you wanted to attend. Beginning in 2017, day camp is offered on a full week basis (M-F) instead of individual days of the week.

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