Frequently Asked Questions

Benefits of Camp

Q:Why should I send my child to camp?
A:"The only 21st-century skill we know for sure they’re going to need is not robotics, not speaking Mandarin, or having graduated from the most prestigious school, but the art of conversation and knowing how to be a member of a team. And where can you possibly learn that better than in your bunk with your cabin mates at camp?"

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Q:What if my child gets homesick?
A:If your child gets homesick we are going to walk with them through the emotions. Psychologist Wendy Mogel, PhD puts it this way, "I prepare parents for the typical arc of emotional adjustment: The first day their children will be in shock but feeling good, the next day they’re high on the novelty of it all, and the third day they’re likely to be so homesick that, if they can reach you, they’ll beg to come home." At Camp Concordia we applaud them for having a family they love and miss. We encourage them to write a letter home, and we keep them with their cabin group, involved in activities. Some parents write a letter of encouragement to their child, and some make sure they have their favorite stuffed animal. If a camper continues to have a hard time engaging with others, their cabin leader will inform a full-time staff member who will contact parents. Both work together to decide on a course of action to help the camper have a successful experience.

Q:Why may campers request UP TO two (2) people to be in the same cabin?
A:Since we are a small camp, children will see each other and interact several times during the day; however, we have consistently found children have the best experience when they only know one or two others in their cabin group. When children come alone or with one friend they engage in making new friends - an important skill we promote at Camp Concordia.

The larger the group the child comes with, the more they withdraw into the group as a security measure which detracts from their experience and the development of the cabin community being created with the counselor’s guidance. Prior relationships and group expectations tend to prevent children from trying new things and making new friends. Instead, they tend to stay in the expected attitudes and behaviors placed on them by the group they have brought with them from home or school. These may be positive relationships; however they are still inhibiting and make the camp week less than it could be.

Q:Our children are 2 grades apart. Do you recommend we put them in the same cabin or separate cabins?
A:Even when they do not stay in the same cabin, siblings will see each other and interact several times during the day. Cabin groups and activities are designed for children of similar ages. When an older sibling is in the cabin with a younger sibling their camp experience is limited to the activities of younger children. In a similar way, the younger sibling gets the message they can not be successful without the older sibling. The BEST experience for siblings is pushing their comfort zone a bit and giving them BOTH a camp experience in cabins with others their age.

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Stay in Touch

Q:How do I get mail to my camper?
A:There are three ways to communicate with your camper while they are here at Camp Concordia:

1. Drop Off Mail: The easiest way for your camper to get mail is for you to prepare your letters prior to arriving at camp, and leave it up to us to deliver them to your camper. Label each letter with camper name and the day you would like it to be given. Staff will pass the mail out on the designated day.

2. USPS (or other carrier): Otherwise, to send mail via the post office, you may use the camp address.

3. Email a Camper Tool: The second is to use the "Email a Camper" tool in your UltraCamp Account (the online registration system). Click "Additional Options" and then Email a Camper. You will be invited to purchase "blocks of emails. 5 emails are $5. This covers paper, ink and time. The office will be alerted to these emails daily and distribute them with the other camper mail. Thanks so much. No e-mail please.

Registration Questions

Q:How do I update health form or cabin mate requests?
A:To “edit” or “update” your child's health form, log on to your account: go to the tab “My Account” and click on child's name; scroll down to “My Forms”; open up Health History; make the needed change.

Parents may update the friend(s) they have listed on their child’s account by logging on to their account, clicking on the binoculars (view) for child, clicking the “additional information” tab and editing the names of the bunkmates.

Stay in Touch

Q:Can I see photos of campers throughout the week?
A:Right now you can go and "LIKE' the Camp Concordia Facebook Page and we will be posting photos as often as we can.

Q:How do I get a regular Camp Concordia UPDATE
A:Click this link, sign up, and Camp Concordia will provide you with occasional email updates about opportunities connected to Camp Concordia. These come about 1-2 times per month. Sign Up Here