Frequently Asked Questions

Registration Questions

Q:How does the Group Registration Discount work?
A:Churches sending 6 or more campers to the same week-long session may receive a $80 per camper discount and CC will provide sleeping quarters for church coordinator (background checks required), if he/she stays on site and provides a few volunteer tasks. Your church's adult coordinator will need to verify that each camper has fully registered (including health history forms, liability forms, canteen spending money) and will need to come with all camper medications in a "Zip-Lock" bag separately labeled for each camper. To receive this discount, BEFORE registering for the camp session, the Church Coordinator must:

1. Contact the Camp Concordia office with...
a. Name of Camp Session
b. Church Name
c. City Name
d. Name of adult Church Coordinator (and if he/she plans to stay at Camp Concordia)

2. Distribute CODE: CC will provide a Church Discount Code that the Church Coordinator will distribute to each parent of the group. Use this code to receive your Group Discount.

3. CHECK-IN campers: Check in all the campers using this Group Discount at the same time.

*Please note that your camper may ONLY receive this discount if the Church Coordinator checks the group in at the same time; if all the registrations are complete, Health History and Liability forms are complete, medications are in MARKED Zip-Lock bags, and store money has been deposited. It is meant to streamline the check-in process. If these criteria are NOT met, then the discount is no longer valid and a credit card or check payment must be provided at Check-In prior to campers participating in their camp session. If using this Discount, no other Discount will apply.

Stay in Touch

Q:Can I see photos of campers throughout the week?
A:Right now you can go and "LIKE' the Camp Concordia Facebook Page and we will be posting photos as often as we can.

Q:How do I get a regular Camp Concordia UPDATE
A:Click this link, sign up, and Camp Concordia will provide you with occasional email updates about opportunities connected to Camp Concordia. These come about 1-2 times per month. Sign Up Here

Things for At Camp

Q:How do I get mail & Packages to my camper?
A:There are three ways to communicate with your camper while they are here at Camp Concordia:

1. Drop Off Mail: The easiest way for your camper to get mail is for you to prepare your letters and packages prior to arriving at camp, and leave it up to us to deliver them to your camper. You can label the letter or package with the day you would like it to be given, and we will pass it out during canteen time on the designated day.

2. USPS (or other carrier): Otherwise, to send mail via the post office, you may use the camp address.

3. Email a Camper Tool: The second is to use the "Email a Camper" tool in your UltraCamp Account (the online registration system). Click "Additional Options" and then Email a Camper. YOu will be invited to purchase "blocks of emails. 5 emails are $5. This covers paper, ink and time. The office will be alerted to these emails daily and distribute them with the other camper mail. Thanks so much. No e-mail please.

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