Frequently Asked Questions

2023 FAQ's

Q:Who sponsors this camp?
A:Camp Sacajawea is sponsored by the Girl Scouts of the Jersey Shore.

Q:What does ACA (American Camp Association) accreditation mean?
A:The ACA is an independent organization of camping professionals which includes camps that voluntarily meet over 300 standards to maintain the highest safety, health and quality standards in site management, program delivery, transportation, administration, personnel and health care.

Q:What happens if my camper is sick in camp?
A:Our health supervisor will evaluate the camper and decide if an adult at home needs to be called and if the child needs to be taken home.

A camper exhibiting symptoms will be isolated until they are picked up. Please keep your camper home until they are symptom free & not medicated for 48 hours.

For the health and safety of our campers, staff and families, please keep your camper home if they are feeling the least bit ill.

Q:When is camp in session and what are the hours of camp?
A:Day Camp is in session for 10 weeks, starting on Monday, June 19 and ending Friday, August 25. Camp is CLOSED on Tuesday, July 4 in observance of Independence Day. You may sign up for as many weeks as you wish!

Camp begins at 9am and ends at 4pm. You can drop your camper off starting at 8:30am and pick them up starting by 3:40pm.

Q:How do I register for camp?
A:Please follow the link to register.

Q:How will drop off and pick up for campers work this summer?
A:We will have all campers remain in their cars until a staff member comes to the vehicle and asks a few health questions and takes the temperature of the camper. If all is well, the camper will then go to the unit leader. Please, NO parents/guardians will leave the vehicles.

For camper pick up at the end of the day we will bring your camper to your car. We'll have rows of cars, directed to pull in the designated line, and we'll bring your camper to your car. Please have a photo ID ready for us to see.

Thank you!

Q:Is there a nurse on site?
A:We have a health supervisor on site. She is responsible for the health and safety of our campers and staff.

Q:What forms do I need to fill out and where can I find them?
A:You will need to fill out the health history, code of ethics, immunization record, tee shirt size, and camper information.

There are policies and reminders to read and check the box that you have read them, as well.

You can find them in your account. Scroll down on the front page. If it says incomplete, click on the pencil and complete the form or read the policy and click you read it.

Q:What are you doing to clean & sanitize camp?
A:This summer we will have a cleaning person dedicated to cleaning our high-touch surfaces, bathrooms and infirmary. We will limit the number of campers in the bathrooms at one time, we will sanitize after each use. We'll have disinfectant spray available at the bathroom doors and it will be used often by counselors.

We'll have hand sanitizer in each unit and at program areas. We'll disinfect program equipment after each use.

Our counselors will be carrying sanitizer and wipes all day. They will use it for campers and for themselves.

Q:What is a typical day like?
A:Our campers will arrive and be greeted at their car by a staff member who will direct them to their counselor/unit.

Campers travel together throughout the day to activities that may include archery, adventure elements, nature, arts & crafts, boating, swimming and badgework.

A flag ceremony will be held in each unit to start and end each day.

Q:Can boys come to camp?
A:Yes! Boys ages 3-12 are welcome to sign up for Camp Sacajawea! Activities are separate from the girls.

Boys ages 5-8 will be in a 'just-the-boys' unit, and boys ages 9-12 will be in a 'just-the-boys' unit. Units may be combined if number of registered boy campers is low.

Boys ages 3 and 4 can join our unit for Fireflies, which is a unit specifically designed for campers ages 3 and 4 who are fully potty-trained.

Q:Will you have extended care?
A:There is extended care available as early as 7am until 6pm daily.

Q:Do you have bus service this summer?
A:We will not be able to provide bus service this summer. We apologize for the inconvenience. There is extended care available as early as 7am until 6pm daily.

Q:Do you have any sleepover nights this summer?
A:Yes, we are planning on having sleepovers this summer. This includes the specialty camp of the 3-night stay. We are so excited!

Q:What happens if it rains?
A:Campers should pack a poncho in their backpack. Please don't bring an umbrella. We will stay under the shelters, have some girls in tents to keep us covered while spacing out comfortably and having fun! All options will be keeping our campers safe.

Q:Where will we change for water activities?
A:We will use our tents to change in. We'll have 2 campers go into a tent at a time to change. It would be best if your camper wore their bathing suit under their clothes to come to camp this summer. They can bring a change of clothes and underwear in their backpack. They'll change after they're finished at their water activities.

Q:Will there be an equestrian program this summer?
A:Unfortunately we will not have an equestrian program this summer.

Q:Is lunch provided in camp?
A:Campers bring their lunches to camp. They are stored in a cooler with ice packs. Thursday we have Cookout for Basic Camp Sessions which campers will prepare a meal using outdoor skills.