Frequently Asked Questions

General FAQs

Q:Is is the same every week?
A:Yes and no! Each camp as the same schedule of adventure activities each week, but with the vans to travel in, the rest of the day varies widely! Most campers average 2 weeks per summer.

If you want totally different activities, too, you can join North Bridge Adventure Camp conveniently from either West Ashley or Mt Pleasant, and vice versa!

Q:Where do I find Dependent Care Tax Information and EIN Number?
A:Famous Adventures' EIN is 81-0973957

Dependent Care Tax receipts were sent with your confirmation email, and can be printed in the Camper Dashboard including camper name, date of camp, date of purchase, cost, EIN, and customer information.

*What is dependent care? Caregivers may be able to deduct the cost of daycare under certain criteria

Q:Where are you located?
A:Famous Adventures doesn't have a campus or a building.

Plan to meet daily at 8:30 and 3:00 to join your camp / van. We're always on the move, so alternate schedules cannot be accommodated.

West Ashley Camps: South Windermere Shopping Center, 90 Folly Road

Mt Pleasant Camps: Mt Pleasant Waterfront Park, 99 Harry Hallman Blvd

Cosgrove Camps: Scottish Rite Parking Lot, 1051 Sam Rittenberg Blvd

Q:Can I come with a sibling or friend?
A:Yes! Of course! If you register for the same camp and dates (for example, Adventure Camp West Ashley June 6-10), you will be in that small group / van together.

Please be considerate of other campers and limit friend groups to four campers signing up together. We've found that bringing many friends, siblings, or carpoolers together can create disruptive group behavior.

We will contact you during registration to divide friend groups of more than 4 campers.

Q:Are there exceptions to the grade ranges?
A:Nope! We group campers by rising grade, not age, because we've found this to be the best indicator of compatibility for our tiny groups. Rest assured that everyone in your camper's group will be in the grades advertised, so we can create the best group for your camper!

Parents who complete an application with false information will be asked to leave without a refund.

Q:I have health and safety needs... (Rx at camp, special concerns)
A:Campers must be pre-screened before applying to camp if they take medications during the day, or have physical, emotional, or behavioral needs.

We welcome campers of most abilities, with good communication from caregivers.

Our staff have experience with a wide range of campers, and we can accommodate some allergies, medications, and physical differences. However, because we don't have a building or nurse, we are not allowed to host campers with certain medical needs. Our program structure can be difficult for some campers with physical or emotional differences.

Advance communication helps us prepare our staff appropriately, and helps create a more successful camp for your child.

If your kiddo get carsick easily, please understand that we cannot guarantee a space in the front row of the van.

Q:What if it rains?
A:Famous Adventures is open on rainy days (and cold days, during the school year). We usually find picnic shelters and play games, and we'll have fun despite a dreary day.

Our outfitters usually operate in light rain, but may cancel activities (climbing, surfing, boating etc) in unsafe conditions - again, we'll still have camp, even if the main activity is canceled.

We will cancel camp for major storms (like Isaias in 2020 and Elsa in 2021), and offer refunds to campers. We do not cancel camp or go indoors for rain, thunder, or extreme temperatures.

Q:Oh no, camp is full! How do email alerts work?
A:If your preferred camp has filled, please sign up for email alerts (also called waitlist in the registration system). We'll send you an email when there are openings, and registration is first-come, first served.

Each summer, all or almost all campers on the email alerts have been offered a space, but we have no way to know when or how many space will open. Thank you for your patience!

Q:How can I support QT Camp?!
A:Thanks for asking!

QT Camp is our 501(c)(3) for Queer and Trans Campers in Charleston, SC. More information about camps and supporting our non-profit can be found on the website =)