Frequently Asked Questions

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Q:Need support?
A:If our F.A.Q.s have not answered your question, contact us at, and we will assist you. Thank You!

Creating an Account

Q:I cannot create an account because "my email is already in use"
A:This is happening because you are already in our system from past years, and we have created an account for you.

To recover access to your account follow these simple steps:
- go back to the login page
- click on "Forgot your login information?"
- select "I need to reset my password"
- select retrieval method: email
- enter your email address that "is already in use"
- set up a new password through the email you will receive

You will now be able to log in using
username: your email
password: the new one you picked

Application process

Q:I began filling an application and left the process incomplete. How do I get back to it?
A:You can start a new application process (for the same person) from scratch.
The system will prompt you to pick up where you left off, skipping any pages you have already submitted.
If you have received an email notification for an incomplete application, you can use the link in it to go back to the application process.
If this answer hasn't solved your problem, contact the LPC Office at

Q:I want to review some of the information I entered in the application: how do I get back to it?
A:If you wish to edit a person's Bio Information (Personal info, address, contact info) you can always do so from the main account page, by:
- clicking on their name
- clicking on the "Edit Bio Information" button on their profile page.

If you wish to modify any other information on the application form after you have entered it, send us the updates you wish to make at, and we will enter them for you.

Incomplete application

Q:How do I stop receiving incomplete application email notifications?
A:If you are receiving email notifications for an incomplete application you do not wish to complete - you will only receive two such reminders, then they will automatically stop without you needing to do anything.

Third-Party references

Q:Can I submit third-party reference letters outside of the online application process?
A:If you are unable to request your reference letter through our online form, enter in the form's required email field, so you can submit your application, and send the reference letter as a PDF by email to the LPC Office.

Please only choose this option if absolutely necessary, as it generates extra work for the office!

Staff - Certificate uploads

Q:I have uploaded my certificates and I want to view the files
A:Go to your account page, click on your name, expand "My Forms". You will see all the files you have uploaded.
Clicking on them will enable you to download them.

Director Training

Q:I want to apply for Director Training, where do I find an application?
A:In order to train as a director, one must be an experienced LPC counselor.
If you are one and want to submit a DIT application, please contact the LPC Office at, to request all relevant information and forms.