Frequently Asked Questions

Payments and Fees

Q:What payment types are accepted?
A:We accept payment by Credit Card, Debit Card, ACH, and in some circumstances by check.

There will be a surcharge of 1% applied to all ACH payments and a surcharge of 2.5% to all credit card payments.

Please note that no registration is complete until payment is made in full, and that all fees must be resolved prior to the start of the session.

Q:What fees are assessed to rejected payments?
A:If an ACH payment cannot be collected due to an incorrect account number/unable to locate, your account will be assessed a fee of $5.00.

If an ACH payment is returned due to non sufficient funds, a fee of $10.00 will be applied to your account.

Any checks returned will be assessed a fee of $34.00.

All fees must be resolved prior to the start of your session. If the session has passed, you are still obligated to pay the fee and will be subject to collections.


Q:What is the refund policy?
A:All sessions are non-refundable. If in the event of extenuating circumstances we do give a partial or full refund, the refund applies only to the cost of the session. Transaction fees and surcharges are non-refundable.

Q:What happens if I can no longer attend a session?
A:Contact In some cases, we may be able to move the registration to another session.