Frequently Asked Questions


Q:Age Difference - Siblings: What if my children need to attend the same week but are not the appropriate ages?
A:We have created different activities that allow campers of different ages to attend the same week. Please call our office if you have any questions.

Q:Age Requirement: What if my camper does not meet the age requirement but wants to sign up for it.
A:We will automatically accept on-line any camper turning the required age in 2013. So if the required age is 12, and your camper will be turning 12 on December 31, they may sign up for it. Call our office at (951) 509-2266 for additional exceptions.

Q:Balance: When is my balance due?
A:We would prefer that you pay your balance on-line at least 2 weeks prior to their camp date to receive an Express Pass. You may use your checking account or credit card to pay on-line. Otherwise, check payment need to be mailed 1 week prior to the camper's session (we do not accept check payment on registration day). Payment by credit card, money order or cash payment is due the registration day of the camper's session.

Q:Confirmation Packet: When is my confirmation packet coming?
A:All confirmation packages will be sent via e-mail (if e-mail address was provided) or mailed at least two weeks before the session your camper is attending unless late registration prohibits.

Q:Do I have to fill out a paper Medical Form?
A:We have an online form that is requested during your registration process. If you have completed the form AND signed it online, you do not need to fill out the paper form.

If you bypassed it at the time of registration, DO NOT forget to complete it before your child arrives at camp.

Q:Does PSR Camp offer any type of scholarship?
A:PSR Camp believes no child should be denied the life-changing experience of summer camp for lack of money.

For families needing financial assistance, we offer a three-way matching scholarship program. We will match, up to $115, equal contributions made by you, and your local SDA church. Please contact your church pastor or contact us for details. The scholarship request form is available on our website

We also offer a limited amount of scholarships for campers who have experienced the death of a parent in the past year, for more information please contact the camp director.

Q:E-mail: How do I send an e-mail to a camper?
A:Use the email a camper link on this website.

Q:Parents Overnight: Do you ever allow parents to stay in the camp?
A:Yes. We have a limited amount of lodge rooms that can be reserved. Our room rates (guardians & immediate family only) are $59.95 a night (maximum of 2) and $10.45 a meal. Call our office for multiple nights rate. However, we request that parents do not "shadow" their campers.

You are welcome to attend our weekend Sabbath service and Saturday evening programs.

Q:Store Deposit: What is a typical store deposit?
A:Typical store deposits range from $25-50.

Q:What are the Early-Bird Registration Discounts?
A:Register early to get the best camp fee prices.

Register by April 30--$40 discount.
Register between May 1st & May 31--$20 discount.

Pathfinder/Adventurer Mini-Camp has two different dates and amounts: April 30 - $10 off and May 30 $5 off.

Q:Where do I find a list of what my child needs to bring to camp?
A:Login to your account and In the toolbar of that page, click on "Document Center". The "Confirmation Packet 2013" pdf. file has a list of what to bring as well as most answers to other general camp questions.