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Conditions of Enrollment and Enrollment Agreement 2021 • 404-370-0001 Conditions of Enrollment & Enrollment Agreement • My child(ren)'s health history is correct so far as I know, and the camper herein described has permission to engage in all prescribed camp activities except as noted. • In the event that a parent cannot be notified, I hereby give permission to the doctor selected by Circus Camp to hospitalize and secure proper treatment for the camper listed. I agree to reimburse Circus Camp for any and all costs it may incur for the medical treatment of the camper. • The camper, his/her parents or guardians agree to abide by the rules set by the camp as follows for the health, safety, and welfare of the camp. The camp reserves the right to dismiss a camper whose conduct or influence is detrimental to the camp. If this becomes necessary, there will be no tuition refund. The Camp Director will consult with the parents before dismissing a camper. • The camp is not responsible for articles of clothing or personal belongings lost or damaged. Please label all items. Do not bring valuables to camp. Instruments, or other performing props, may be brought to camp and stored in the facility; however, this is at the owner's risk. • Campers are expected to remain on premises unless the camp's office is notified in writing. • I consent to the use of any photographs or videos taken of this camper for advertising or promotion by Circus Camp. • It is expressly understood by the parent/guardian of the camper for whom this reservation is requested that the camper is in a condition of health and soundness of body that warrant him/her undertaking a camping program as outlined in the camp literature. • We provide a password every Monday in writing on the "Callboard". It is the responsibility of each parent/ guardian to know this password and to notify anyone who is authorized to pick up your child of this password. We require that whoever picks up your child know this password for carpool and after-care. The password changes each week. • I acknowledge it is my responsibility to keep my child's record current to reflect any significant changes as they occur, i.e. phone numbers, emergency contacts, child's health status, and who is authorized to pick up the child. • I hereby enroll my child(ren) in Circus Camp. I have read this enrollment agreement, filled out the enrollment form including the health history, and agree to the conditions listed. I agree to abide by the written policies and procedures of Circus Camp. We agree to keep you informed of any incidents, such as illness or injury which involve your child. • AFTER-CARE - FRIEND’S SCHOOL ONLY: If I pick up my child(ren) past 3:45pm, I will be charged for after- care. Unscheduled drop-in after-care fees are $25.00 per care time. Pre-registration fee is $20.00 per care time. By signing this form parents/guardians agree to pick up child(ren) no later that 6:00pm. In the event I do not pick up my child by 6:00pm, I will be charged & pay one dollar for every minute after 6:00pm that my child remains. • REFUND POLICY: There are NO REFUNDS for t-shirts, after-care, or camp tuition. I understand that the 50% deposit is also non-refundable. Please be advised that we hire staff according to registrations and deposits paid. • BALANCE DUE: Visa and MasterCard are the only acceptable forms of payment. I am aware that my balance is due by May 21, 2021. Credit card registrations will be AUTOMATICALLY CHARGED on this date. There will be no refunds whatsoever after this time. • Please review our covid policies posted on our website ( • I have read, understand, and agree to all "Conditions of Enrollment" and all other information on this form. ________________________________ ________________________ ________________ Signature of Parent Parent Name (Please Print) Date For Session(s): ______________________________________________________________________________________ EMAIL (REQUIRED): __________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________________________ Camper(s) Name(s) (Please Print)