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Parent Questionnaire
In a few weeks your child will be living with other campers the same age, and a well-prepared counselor. Each camper has the opportunity to develop in a number of ways: physically, socially and spiritually. We want to encourage that growth. Completion of this form BY THE PARENT is a real help to us.
  • Anything of a confidential nature should be written on a separate piece of paper.
    Please send this form to the camp address at least one week prior to your campers arrival. The information on this page helps us with tent/cabin group placement.
    Please print.
Background Identification Uploads
The following forms are ID are required in order to volunteer/ serve at HFCC. We need a copy of the following forms of ID: 1. Social Security Card 2. Drivers License or State ID Card This are required to be at camp. These copies are only accessed by the camp administration team.