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Below are a list of available documents.
Camper Forms
RYE Housing Assignment Options
Housing Assignment Options for Regional Youth Event Attendees
Camper Forms - Adult
Adult Camper Information Form
Information for adults attending a summer camp program at Silver Lake.
RYE - Speaker Attendance Information
attendance information for Eastern Regional Youth Event speakers, presenters, etc.
Camper Forms - Family/Group
General Information
Medical Forms
Medical Forms to Download
Participant Information
Retreat Season Forms
Retreat Season VOLUNTEER Release Form
All volunteers must complete this form.
Summer Staff Forms
2024 Summer Staff Application
This is the application for 2024 summer staff.
Staff Hire Paperwork
Hired staff must complete this form.
Summer and Temporary Staff Personnel and Housing Agreement
Personnel and Housing Agreement for SLCRC Summer and Temporary Staff
Voluntary Disclosure
Voluntary Disclosure for all staff.
Summer Volunteer Forms
Summer Camp Volunteer Application
This form is designed for potential volunteers to indicate interest in being a Dean or Counselor. It gives an opportunity to highlight skills and talents that would make them a good volunteer.
Summer Camp Volunteer Paperwork
This form is required for any person volunteering for the Silver Lake Summer Camp program. This could include Deans, Counselors, Chaplains, and Artists in Residence. This must be completed before final placement can occur.
Summer Volunteer Information