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Year End Appeal

Contribution to 4-H Camp Kidwell. You can choose the area you would like your donation to be applied to. Please choose the option that fits your wishes best.


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Campership Contribution

A contribution here will be used to help send children to camp. Our scholarship program is based on financial need. Although not exactly the same, our designation chart is based on the federal free and reduced lunch program.


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General Contribution

Make a contribution to Camp Kidwell. You can indicate how you would like the donation to be used or leave it up to use to decide how to best use the funds.


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Memorial Contribution

Contributions here can be given as a memorial to someone close to you or close to camp.


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Horseback Riding Program

Contribution given to this category will be used to help support our Horseback Riding program. Please choose which part of the program you would like to contribute to.


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Memorial Garden Brick

Contribution here will be used to purchase a brick in the name of whoever you would like to honor.


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Mortgage Reduction Contribution

Contributions here will be applied to the mortgage on the peninsula property.


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Recurring Donations