Option to Contribute to the ministry of Camp Concordia
Camp Concordia raises much of its funding through contributions since it costs more to operate than is covered by fees. If you would like to help support day to day operations or help send another child to camp, please use the information below.

Camp Fund

This supports the general day-to-day operations of Camp Concordia.

Camp Fund

Day to Day Needs: salaries for trained and seasoned staff, utilities, repairs, etc.


Designated Funds

Your donation will be used for exactly what it is designated for providing enough is contributed for that purpose.

Program: Waterfront

Help complete construction of the new concrete "Beach Wall." The old RR ties have become a home to hornets nests and we are moving them out. All contributions in excess of final needs will be applied to other camp program projects.


Kitchen Upgrades

Camp Concordia has been working with a commercial kitchen installation professional (as a volunteer) to upgrade the 1978 kitchen to standard. With prior donations, camp has upgraded the dish room area, cooking area, food prep areas and serving areas with stainless steel commercial equipment! There is even a new commercial epoxy floor. (Over $70,000 has been donated in cash and in kind donations.) That's exciting!! We have just one more step to go...a stainless steel vented hood and return air system.

Why a stainless steel hood? It is, to our understanding, Kent County requirements. While Camp Concordia has had an excellent record of keeping campers healthy, in order for camp to keep up the highest health standards and cook for our retreat groups, this is the next logical and final step. Our kitchen installation professional, who has been able to get donations or directly donate materials, has informed us this step will cost about $25,000. So here we go!!

Everyone will benefit from your contribution toward these kitchen upgrades.

Contributions to Camp Concordia are allowable deductions as provided by Section 170 of the Internal Revenue Code.


Camper Scholarship Fund

Every dollar you donate goes to assisting someone else in sending a child to camp.


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