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Preserve the Ballibay Campus

Preserve the Art Barn

When Dottie and Jerry Jannone purchased two farms in 1964 to create Camp Ballibay, the barn that is still at the center of our art studios had already stood for over 50 years. Now it is time to make much needed repairs to this century-old structure, and we have called upon a local Amish family of builders for the task. Abjuring technological change, the Amish are the only remaining experts in the kind of construction that produced these elegant and sturdy behemoths, and they are the only ones confident to repair them without endangering the entire structure. This will be a very costly endeavor, and we ask our loyal families to support us in this significant preservation project. Thank you!

Ballibay Scholarship Fund

The Ballibay Camps Scholarship Fund

Donations made to the Fund go directly to providing partial scholarships for first year camp families. Funds are matched by a discount from the camp and a matching donation from camp director John Jannone, so every dollar donated here will become $4. towards camp tuition for a new Ballibay family!

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