Family Camp Goes Old School
7/3/2019 - 7/7/2019
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Alaska District Family Camp Presents:

Family Camp Goes Old School!

4th of July Weekend!

Wednesday July 3 - Sunday July 7
Camp Maranatha -- Big Lake

Cost: $8/day/person with a Family max of $40
Lodging: Tent/RV/Cabin included in daily rate.
Langley Lodge Option: $40/night
If your family will exceed the $40/day please call the camp to get assistance.

Please register each night and each meal for accurate counts.
Please register for all meals for every attendee 5 and over.
If you/family member have food allergies and will be preparing you own meals DO NOT COUNT with attendees. The meal count is for food prep.

***The Family Camp Committee works hard to keep costs low and is committed to charging a nominal fee to ensure that no one is unable to attend due to camp fees. These fees do NOT cover the cost of camp. It costs approximately $18-$20 per person/day to cover basic expenses of putting camp on. Family Camp steps out in faith every year that donations collected at registration and offering will make up the difference. Please prayerfully consider what your family could give in addition to the $8pp/day fees.
활동 옵션:
Willing to Volunteer NurseryI am willing to volunteer in the Nursery or Preschool for 1 service. The Coordinator will contact you regarding prescreening, background check and training prior to camp.
Thursday Breakfast
Thursday Lunch
Thursday Dinner
Friday Breakfast
RV/ Motor Home
Friday Lunch
Friday Dinner
Saturday Lunch
Saturday Dinner
Sunday Breakfast
Sunday Lunch
Langley Lodge
7/03 Lodging Langley LodgeWednesday
+ $40.00  
7/04 Lodging Langley LodgeThursday
+ $40.00  
7/05 Lodging Langley LodgeFriday
+ $40.00  
7/06 Lodging Langley LodgeSaturday
+ $40.00  
Family Camp Days
+ $8.00 \ person  
+ $8.00 \ person  
+ $8.00 \ person  
+ $8.00 \ person  
+ $8.00 \ person  
Exceeding $40 limitIf your family exceeds the $40/day limit please call John at the Camp Office at 892-6697 to correct the charges.
19780 W Camp Dr • Big Lake  • AK • 99652 • 907-892-6697
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