Intermediate Riding 8
For riders who have completed at least two weeks of horse camp or taken riding lessons – campers must be able to independently control a horse at a walk. You’ll learn new skills in the arena and expand your knowledge of horses through ground lessons. (Completion of Range and Rodeo Riders recommended.)

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Camp Sealth - Summer Overnight Camp
August 21 - 26, 2023
Grades 4th - 9th
Tiered pricing, $1,300, $1,400, or $1,500 depending on selection.
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Camp Sealth Overnight Camp Fees
Tier A
Tier A covers the basic costs of camp including food, staff, supplies, transportation, and other operational costs.
+ $1,300.00
Tier B
Tier B covers the basic costs of camp and contributes to covering long-term facility costs.
+ $1,400.00
Tier C
Tier C represents the full cost of operating camp, including not only the basic costs of camp but also long-term maintenance and wear and tear to the camp facilities.
+ $1,500.00
Financial Aid
I am applying for financial assistance.
+ $30.00