Classic Camp 1
In Classic Camp, your experience at camp is all about what YOU want to do. Kids are involved in planning their experience as soon as they arrive - the possibilities are endless. Classic Camp allows kids to try some of everything camp has to offer.

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Camp Sealth - Summer Overnight Camp
July 6- 9, 2022
Grades 1st - 8th
Tiered pricing, $550, $650, or $750 depending on selection.
Registration is no longer available
Camp Sealth Overnight Camp Fees
Tier A
Tier A covers the basic costs of camp including food, staff, supplies, transportation, and other operational costs.
+ $550.00
Tier B
Tier B covers the basic costs of camp and contributes to covering long-term facility costs.
+ $650.00
Tier C
Tier C represents the full cost of operating camp, including not only the basic costs of camp but also long-term maintenance and wear and tear to the camp facilities.
+ $750.00
Financial Aid
I am applying for financial assistance. Please note that we have exhausted funds for our 2022 scholarship program for Camp Sealth overnight camp. If approved, your camper will be added to a financial aid waitlist.
+ $30.00
Dietary Needs
My camper eats a gluten-free diet
During Session 1, we will partner with the Gluten Intolerance Group. Their staff and volunteers prepare delicious gluten-free options for our campers who do not eat gluten, as part of their Generation GF Camp program. If your child eats a gluten-free diet, you will be asked to fill out their form to help them provide great food for your camper.
Anderson Island Scholarship
Anderson Island
Equity Action Fund
Equity Action Fund
Camp Sealth GIG Gluten Free Week
Sealth Multi-Session Discount$25.00