Nocturnal 6
In Nocturnal Camp, kids get a chance to learn about the nighttime world and explore camp while everyone else is sleeping. Lots of the traditional camp activities are done late at night, plus a few things that are reserved just for Nocturnal. Each night, Nocturnal kids will stay up a little later and sleep in every morning. On the last day, everyone stays up all night to watch the sunrise at Pt. Robinson lighthouse.

Please note that due to COVID, we ask that you limit camper registrations to one day camp and/or one overnight camp session for the 2021 Summer Season.

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Camp Sealth - Summer Overnight Camp
August 4 - 7, 2021
Grades 7th - 8th
Tiered pricing, $550, $650, or $750 depending on selection.
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Camp Sealth Overnight Camp Fees
Tier A
Tier A covers the basic costs of camp including food, staff, supplies, transportation, and other operational costs.
+ $550.00
Tier B
Tier B covers the basic costs of camp and contributes to covering long-term facility costs.
+ $650.00
Tier C
Tier C represents the full cost of operating camp, including not only the basic costs of camp but also long-term maintenance and wear and tear to the camp facilities.
+ $750.00
Financial Aid
I am applying for financial assistance. Please note that all funds for Overnight Camp for our 2021 season are currently utilized, any application received after 4/22/2021 will be waitlisted for funds in the case more dollars become available to award.
+ $30.00