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Newton - Studio
Newton Video Game Development Team - Saturdays
Saturdays for 8 weeks, from 4/27-6/15
Grades (This represents what grade your child will be entering in the Fall):
Grades 5 - 12
Registration for this session is no longer available

A program modeled after real-world game development teams

The Video Game Development Team at Empow Studios is an interdisciplinary program which gathers students across the breadth of STEM skills to work on one project. Students learn how to work with a team, similar to a video game development company, where video game designers, artists, and music producers work collaboratively to brainstorm ideas, take roles and responsibility, and work as team to develop an advanced video game project.

Students in the Video Game Development Team design a video game with a purpose of showcasing it in different gaming events and competitions, teaching kids that games can have a purpose more than just entertainment. We feel that showcasing your project in the industry is a powerful way to improve confidence and gain experience of a real-world application. Students may interact with professional game designers, giving them someone to be proud of sharing their experiences while learning that successful industry professionals have same interests as them.
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