Empow Studios
1776 Massachusetts Avenue
Lexington, MA  02420
Lexington Studio
After-School Club 2016 - 2017
8/30/2016 - 6/19/2017
Grades (For Spring classes - current grade. For Summer Camp - grade in the Fall 2020):
Grades 1 - 8th
Tiered price per month, dependent on number of blocks selected
Registration for this session is no longer available
Empow Studios After-School Club (ASC) is a unique care and enrichment program that brings together technology, arts, and play. Whether your child is programming their first robot or creating a self-watering garden in Minecraft, we nurture their creative talent, build up their imagination, and spark interests that can open up new possibilities, while accommodating individual differences. ASC is open on early release days for Lexington and Arlington Public Schools.

The ASC schedule includes physical breaks and snack time. Homework is done and checked daily, with support from our staff. During “Project Time,” kids will continue working on their favorite video games, robots, and Scratch projects, or start a new project within our Tech & Design curriculum. Kids end the day with “Choice Time,” which includes group games, Minecraft, LEGO free-building, and other creative activities.

The week runs Monday through Friday. Families can sign up for the number of days that works best for their schedules.

Mon: 3:00pm -6:30pm
Tue: 3:00pm-6:30pm
Wed: 3:00pm-6:30pm
Thu: 12:00pm-3:00pm & 3:00pm-6:30pm*
Fri: 3:00pm-6:30pm

*Thursday is a long day due to the Lexington early release schedule. Thursday consists of two blocks. For example, registering for a full week means selecting 6 blocks.

Kids will ask, “Why can’t SCHOOL be like this?”
Available Options:
After-School: Mon-Wed, Fri
Monday 3pm-6:30pmUnavailable
Tuesday 3pm-6:30pmUnavailable
Wednesday 3pm-6:30pmUnavailable
Friday 3pm-6:30pmUnavailable
After-School: Thursday
Select both to attend the full day
Thursday 12n-3pmUnavailable
Thursday 3pm-6:30pmUnavailable
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