Catch a Vision: Marrying your mission with anti-racist action
This retreat will focus on the ways in which each organization/church/context or individual can find authentic connection between the efforts and projects they are already pursuing and ways that their commitments to anti-racist perspectives and action can deepen and empower those efforts on a new level. Using worship, music, and group discussions, each participant will leave with a vision statement that empowers their own work going forward.

Anna Kendig Flores is a teaching elder, a pastor with a background in the world of hospital chaplaincy, mental health, addiction, and ethics. She brings these perspectives to her anti-racism efforts, incorporating spiritual practice with a holistic approach to "anti-racist living" that builds wholeness in communities from the inside-out. In sabbath time, she can be found pursuing her favorite spiritual practice of mountain biking.
10/10/2021 5:00 PM - 10/12/2021 11:00 AM
Ages 18 and up
shared room $175/ single room $275
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Leaning Tree Lodge