10th-12th Grade Sr High Camp
Senior High Camp offers on-site and off-site events, planned to challenge you and your friends. This camp will help you to understand God and what it takes to follow and serve our awesome creator! You are sure to go home with loads of stories and experiences that will stretch your understanding of God during this incredible week. More adventure awaits you at Paintball and Horsemanship which are available for sign up.

For the off-site event campers will enjoy a beautiful afternoon on the Kickapoo River as they and their friends enjoy and explore this unusual and beautiful place in God’s creation while canoeing.

7/7/2024 2:00 PM - 7/13/2024 10:45 AM
Grades 10th - 12th
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Covered Wagon Experience
The Covered Wagon Experience has campers spending their week enjoying one of camp’s covered wagons for the week, coupled with a few special evening activities/snacks, and each camper will receive an exclusive Covered Wagon Experience badge along with a few other surprises. Each Covered Wagon has approximately 5-6 campers and wagons are paired together. Concerned about bathrooms & showers? The covered wagon experience uses our bathhouse, much the same as a handful of our cabins do.
Dorm Experience
Campers selecting the Dorm experience will enjoy the standard camp experience at Living Waters by staying in one of our many dorms. Each dorm consists of approximately 10-12 campers.
Have a blast enjoying this fast-paced sport that emphasizes different aspects of our walk with Christ such as: Spiritual Warfare, Protecting one another, and Teambuilding. Living Waters has all the equipment your group will need to play: guns, hoppers, balls, and safety masks.
Special Food Needs
Individual Special Food Needs
Please select this option if your camper will need special dietary food needs while attending camp.
+ $25.00
Bring a 1st Time Friend- Sweatshirt
Is a friend bringing you to Living Waters for the 1st time or are you bringing a friend who's never been to Living Waters before? If so, please tell us your friends name. Once you and your friend are registered we'll make sure you both get a Living Waters Bible Camp Sweatshirt when you get to camp. Don't forget to select the size on the next page. Note that campers must be attending the same camp session to receive this discount.
Foundation Camp & Highschool Camp
If you will be attending both Foundation Camp and High School Camp during the upcoming summer you will receive a $100 discount on your High School Camp registration.
Summer Early Bird Discount
If you sign up for a youth camp by Wednesday, February 15 you'll receive the Living Waters summer t-shirt free. Make sure to select the t-shirt size as you complete registration. The cost of the t-shirt will be offset by this discount.