Camp @ Home
Camp @ Home is here for our Camp @ JCC East Bay campers who are excited to try all the things camp has to offer from our homes to yours!

We recommend having the Camp @ Home Chugim Packet in front of you to help you with enrolling for the correct classes. If you have any questions, please email!
Camp @ JCC East Bay
6/15/2020 - 6/26/2020
9:00 AM - 12:00 PM
Grades Pre-K - 8th
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C@H: 1, 2 Step - Choreo with Crystal
Twirl, kick-ball-change, fist pump? Let's choreograph dances to our favorite songs together! Each class we will break down a different song and collaborate to make a fun dance piece to ‘perform’ for families at the end of class.
C@H: 20 Questions
Are you a celebrity? A politician? A fictional character? Let’s find it! Can you figure out what or who you are? You'll get to ask 20 questions to the rest of the group to narrow down the possibilities!
C@H: Broadway Fashion
We'll be designing our own costumes and make up plots! We'll use different articles of clothing from our closets OR sketch them out.
C@H: Broadway Rhythm
Give your regards to Broadway! Come and sing and dance your hearts out with Leo! You'll be learning different dance routines and songs to some popular Broadway showtunes!
C@H: Chess
Successfully move your pawns, protect your Queen! We’ll practice fun and interesting chess puzzles in a fully structured online tournament! #checkmate
C@H: Collaging
Find interesting collaging materials around the house (and yard), and then learn different cutting/pasting techniques to create your own incredible bizarre art to showcase in the window art displays.
C@H: Color Theory
All are invited to this ROY G. BIG party! We are going to explore the different colors and their artistic significance.
C@H: Creative Writing
Bring your stories to life as we learn how to write short stories, prose, poetry, and beyond. Everyone has experiences to share and stories to tell. Club J will create a CW book at the end of the chug with samples of the great work the students accomplish during the chug.
C@H: Cutie Pies
Learn to make mini galettes, which are a rustic free form pie! We can do sweet and savory options. I can show you a few ideas and provide ingredients lists for either a fruit pie or more of a breakfast option. Put an egg in it! (please note this class may require partial adult supervision!)
C@H: Drawing 101
Grab a paper and your favorite writing tools! Let’s learn and develop your drawing skills by learning how to draw different creatures and favorite characters. All skill levels welcome.
C@H: Hands & HeART
We'll take all the fun of finger painting to create masterpieces! We'll use our hands to create art! No tools, just our fingers, paint, and paper. Once we've mastered not getting all paint all over our hair and face, we can start designing on t-shirts!
Get ready to sweat with our high intensity interval training and fitness challenges every week that will focus on strengthening and improving balance, flexibility, reflex, and overall sports performance. #FeelTheBurn
C@H: Jews Schmooze! Yiddish-isms 101
Let's kvetch! Learn and practice some common Yiddish phrases together while learning about Jewish traditions, culture, and stories. Grab a quick nosh, and get ready to kvell about when we'll have to schlep everywhere again!
C@H: Pictionary
Play a classic game converted to online format! Players will receive fun, themed drawing prompts and will guess as a group or in teams!
C@H: Poetry Corner
Amazed by the beauty of nature? Love to write? Combine your passion for the outdoors and flowing poems in this nature-based poetry chug. Haikus, limericks, acrostics, free form, and more! By the end of the week we'll have a digital poetry collection for all.
C@H: Reading Rainbow
Reading books aloud that cover the full rainbow of colorful characters, settings, and stories! Children are encouraged to bring their favorite books to read and share, too
C@H: Riddle Me This
Why’s a raven like a writing desk? Let's get our brains thinking with fun riddles! Bring riddles to share with the group or make your own!
C@H: Say Cheese
Learn how to make homemade ricotta cheese! Watch how acid separates the curds from the whey and talk about the science of cheese. Then we will make our own pasta to fill and eat! (please note this class may require partial adult supervision!)
C@H: Star Wars - Exploring a galaxy far, far away
Time to nerd out hard in this intergalactic space discussion where the group will learn and discuss anything and everything that Wookiepedia couldn’t answer (or maybe could, but you’re still convinced that Greedo could have shot first).
C@H: Taste the Rainbow
With the theme of the week being rainbow (also Happy Pride month! <3) I think we should make a tie-dye cake. This is a baking class where I will show you how to get the tie dye effect in a layered cake. I will also show how to make frosting, pipe with a plastic bag, and how to create a fun surprise in the middle of the cake. If we think cake is too much, I can also do rainbow or ombre cookies.
C@H: Text Twists & Crossing over Crosswords
Sporcle, Text Twist, Crossword, oh my! Come play fun, quick, online word/trivia games with Camp staff!
C@H: Tie-Dye Workshop
Are your clothes looking a little plain? Are you sick of stains on your all white clothes? Do you wish you were back in the groovy 70s? If you answered yes to any of the above, this class is for you! Grab your favorite white clothing items and let’s get colorful!
C@H: Wonderful Weaving
Grab the yarn and bring some of your favorite patterns for our weaving class! You’ll learn various weaving techniques and create a beautiful bowl utilizing the coil method.
C@H: Yogis Unite
Come stretch it out and get your namaste on with Ms. Sommer for her yoga class! All levels of experience and flexibility are welcome to partake. Yoga is a great way to reduce stress, find your inner peace, and become a star on Instagram doing seemingly nothing.
The epic brain game of Scattergories is a classic to get all the brain juices flowing with word lists, rules tweaked for different ages and reading/writing levels, and a chance to bead out the timer (and maybe some adults too!).