The Brandwein Super Seminar for Dynamic Camp Leadership
11/07/2019 9:30 AM - 11/09/2019 12:00 PM
This session has openings. Registration for this session will end on 10/24/2019.
For the camp leadership team of Resident and Day Camps (Nonprofit & Independent) including owners, directors, assistant directors, site directors, supervisors, program directors, unit and area leaders, senior staff, and others.

This exciting seminar is a small group, in-depth learning experience with hands-on practice in a unique, fun, energetic, creative experience packed with immediately usable skills:
MUSCLE IN YOUR MISSION: Distinguish your camp from others by going beyond just “fun” and “great memories” and be a truly mission-driven, “Intentional Camp” that produces real youth development and teaches great qualities to campers every day
TERRIFIC TRAINING: Get original, exciting, motivating, high-participation, attention-grabbing techniques and activities you won’t find anywhere else to get staff to both learn and use the biggest skills they need to succeed and to make the mission really happen
IT’S A REAL JOB: Increase professionalism in young and “I already know everything” staff by using practical activities and methods to build a deep culture of high performance and responsibility; see how to handle and even prevent undesired staff behavior
SUPERB SUPERVISION: Identify and teach the precise behaviors that make staff great and learn how to interview, coach, motivate, and evaluate with highly effective tools
MAGNIFICENT MEETINGS: Learn and practice Michael’s highly-acclaimed methods for Making Staff Meetings Matter More, to boost in-summer training and communication while creatively modeling energetic and effective leadership techniques staff will use every day
LARGE GROUP LEADERSHIP: Experience and take home the unique, super secrets to grabbing and keeping attention of large groups, transforming ordinary announcements into one of your most exciting and important program elements and an exciting way to model great teaching and leadership
TURBOCHARGE PROGRAM: Build an outstandingly creative camp culture with great training techniques to keep activities fresh; take home simple-to-use methods to enhance program and creative excitement to retain campers and be the place parents want to send their kids
PLAY WITH A PURPOSE: Bring back fresh, original Brandwein games that are not just outrageous fun but teach skills for life
- U.S. Dollars