Creating a Staff Culture of Retention and Excellence: Recruit, Hire, Train, Commit, Repeat
1/17/2019 9:00 AM - 1/17/2019 3:00 PM
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Problem: Getting good staff and getting them to commit for a summer let alone multiple summers. How do we compete to find the best staff in an ever global world with so many opportunities available to those we want to work at camp?

Millennials & Gen Z want transparency, collaboration, work-life balance and leadership opportunities. In this full-day workshop with Jolly Corley attendees will be given the opportunity to consider ways to recruit, hire and invest the time and energy required to give the best, and in turn received the best out of your staff, while keeping the needs of potential staff and camp at the forefront. Staff who are thoughtful, engaged and invested in the entire camp culture provide campers with an environment in which to thrive and grow.

Attendees will learn specifics recruiting, interviewing and training techniques. Tips on questions to ask, where to find staff, how to ensure staff will show up the first day of camp and much more. The goal is that each attendee will have 3-5 short term goals that can be implemented immediately and 3-5 long range goals that will help foster an excellent culture at camp where retention and development of staff thrives.

Millenials want to know the truth and wrap their heads around the whole picture when it comes to working at a camp. In this full-day workshop with Jolly Corley from Camp Robindel, attendees will walk through what a whole year might look like for recruiting and hiring, and the time investment required to do this the right way. You'll come away with specific strategies to make this work for you: learn training techniques, gather tips on how to make sure staff will show up for camp and getting people to commit to their employment with a camp, and more.
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