High School Cowgirl Horse Camp (Grades 9-13)
Howdy Partner!
Welcome to Horse Camp and the farm experience. Your Farm Boss for the summer is the old Wrangler himself, Lynn Hart. You will see him hanging around the farm looking like he is working but he is probably just hiding from the Farm Cook, Michelle, his lovely wife. Tonya Grupp will be the Trail Boss for the summer with the aid of other volunteers, leading the week of learning life around horses.

Campers will sleep in the farmhouse/bunk house. Check-In will be at Main Camp with parents then transporting their camper to the Camp Farm. Check-Out will be at the Camp Farm.

There is more to horses than meets the eye and your cowgirl or cowboy will be learning what it takes to keep and maintain a horse. They also will learn how to saddle & ride a horse around the 20-acre farm and then the care after the ride is over. We know there will be those who already have this experience and we look forward to providing daily activities that they will enjoy and be able to use their knowledge to help others. For the older ones, there could be a night time ride around the farm.

The day will start with learning to do the chores of not just the horses but the other animals we have at the farm and helping fix breakfast. All meals will be fixed on the farm and Miss Michelle will need help with the preparation. There will be class time about horses and Bible study. This year’s camp theme is about being a Disciple. There will be crafts for some, games and swimming along with some onsite water experiences. Produce will be raised at the farm and there will always be a need to pull some weeds and tend to the crops. At the end of each day, there will be a gathering around the old campfire for some life stories about how Jesus has made a difference in the life of those helping for the week.

Your cowgirl or cowboy will go through some training or routines so that when you come to pick them up, they will perform for your entertainment.

Our hope is that this will not just be a horse camp and a farm experience, but that your cowgirl or cowboy will come home a little closer to God and knowing more about Jesus.

So………. let’s saddle up your horses, we’ve got a trail to blaze!
6/18/2023 4:30 PM - 6/23/2023 6:00 PM
Grades 9th - College
This session has openings for females
Please call the camp at 260-833-2786 with questions.