Girls Camp (June 14-18)
Truett's traditional summer camp experience for girls Ages 7 to 17. This year's theme is Fearless, encouraging all the girls to be bold in their lives and faith.

Girls Camp is always one of our most popular camps and was very highly received with the addition of new activities, schedule, and authentic worship. We are praying that God will help 2021 be even greater!
6/14/2021 1:00 PM - 6/18/2021 10:00 AM
Ages 7 - 17
Registration is no longer available
Compound bows taught by our instructors. This skill class is intended for younger campers or those new to archery.
Archery 201
For older and more experienced campers to draw closer to the bullseye more consistently.
BB Air Pistols
Camp has Co2 fired BB pistols look and function exactly like a 1911 handgun, without the recoil or noise of a conventional firearm. This makes it an outstanding learning tool.
BB Guns
BB guns appropriate for ages 7 and up! Great fun at our new shooting range.
Get more comfortable with a range of watercraft at Truett (kayak, canoe, and stand-up Paddleboards).
Pellet Rifles
Campers can learn the skills of marksmanship with our accurate pellet rifles taught by qualified instructors.
Soccer 101
A great chance to gain or hone their skills while getting some exercise.
Soccer 201
Advance your skills and have some fun playing soccer with your closest friends. This is designed for older campers or those very experienced in soccer.
Survival Skills 101
A great opportunity for campers to learn basic outdoor survival skills such as firebuilding, finding shelter, safety, and identifying plants in the woods.
Survival Skills 201
Campers will learn more advanced camp craft skills such as signaling for rescue, obtaining water, and survival shelters in a fun, engaging way!
Swimming Lessons
A great opportunity to become a more confident swimmer in a safe environment monitored by a lifeguard.
Take your skills to the next level with drills, skills, and some fun games.
Angel Tree Camping
Angel Tree Camping is eligible only for children ages 6-18 with a parent or step-parent that is incarcerated. If you think your child may eligible, but you're not sure, please contact the camp office (828-389-8828).