Artemis Week 1
7/06/2020 11:00 AM - 7/12/2020 11:00 AM
Grades 4th - 9th
$1,235.00, Payment Plan Available, Register to apply for scholarships
This session has openings for females. Registration for this session will end on 6/30/2020.
Give yourself and your child the gift of being supported in the important transition from childhood into their teenage years by a healthy and inspiring female/femme centered, nature-based village.

Community, nature connection, campfires, theater, singing, crafting, survival skills, herbalism, swimming, organic meals, outdoor adventure… Each age group has their own beautiful campground. Female caregivers join for the weekend.
*girls/female = female identified (cis and trans girls) and gender expansive humans
Available Options:
Tuition Tier
Actual TuitionThis is the true cost. If everyone paid this we would not need to do any fundraising. Payment plan available. + $1,540.00  
Median TuitionThis is our mid-level tuition. Payment plan available. + $1,383.00  
Standard TuitionThis tuition is what we believe is reasonable to ask middle economic class families to pay. Payment plan available. Select Early Bird Discounts on next page. Apply for additional scholarship if needed. + $1,235.00  
AmountDiscount NameDescription
$50.00Early Bird Discount, Summer 2020 Overnights & Backpacking$50 off for summer 2020 programs, discount ends January 15
$50.00Scholarship Discount 1, Summer 2020Select this $50 discount if needed. Please only select one scholarship.
$75.00Scholarship Discount 2, Summer 2020Please select this $75 discount if needed. Please only select one scholarship.
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