2024-2025 SCHOOL STAFF
This Walden West Science Camp registration session is for all attending school staff during your camp week. This includes full-time staff, day only staff and one-time visiting staff. Please complete this process 3 weeks prior to your camp date.

This session is NOT for volunteer cabin leaders. High school students will be emailed their link to register, with the session title 'HIGH SCHOOL CABIN LEADERS' with the associated camp date. 18 and over adults must register for 'PARENT/ADULT CABIN LEADERS'.
Walden West Outdoor School
5/2/2024 - 5/30/2025
For all attending school staff: teachers, aides, visitors (NOT volunteer cabin leaders)
Ages 20 - 99
This session has openings
Registration will end on 5/29/2025.
Outdoor School
EXCLUSIVE Teacher Hoodie
Only available to classroom teachers and school staff. Our Walden West "California" hoodie comes only in black and is a 50/50 poly cotton blend by JERZEES®

Adults sizes available: Small, Medium, Large, XL, 2XL.

***Be sure to note the size of your hoodie on the store order spreadsheet you receive from Todd “Squirrel” Martines, or email him at tmartines@sccoe.org to let him know. If your order ends up on the spreadsheet sent to Todd, you can get your hoodie along with the rest of the student merchandise being picked up before camp. If not, you can pick it up on arrival. If you are not sure you want a Teacher hoodie, they will be available for purchase throughout your camp week.
+ $42.00
STUDENT Outdoor School Beanie
One price
+ $19.00
STUDENT Outdoor School Cap
One price
+ $20.00
STUDENT Outdoor School Hoodie
Teacher Price
+ $34.00
STUDENT Outdoor School Hoodie
Student price
+ $42.00
STUDENT Outdoor School T-shirt
Teacher Price
+ $21.00
STUDENT Outdoor School T-shirt
Student Price
+ $22.00