All attending schools are required to recruit volunteer cabin leaders. This includes having 1 parent cabin leader for every 20 students fingerprinted and cleared ready on stand-by if high school cabin leaders cancel. College students are eligible to volunteer as well. Non-district aides and nurses need to follow the same procedures as college students and parent volunteers.

Each school week, we host responsible volunteers at our picturesque setting located on 32 acres in the foothills of the Santa Cruz Mountains (10 mins. outside of downtown Saratoga). Volunteer Cabin Leaders act as positive role models working alongside our staff guiding 5th/6th grade campers. Cabin Leaders stay in cabins with 14-18 students and utilize the skills they learn while at Walden West to ensure each young camper has a great experience throughout their week of residential outdoor school.

Cabin Leaders join a week of fun and personal growth as they develop/enhance their leadership skills. In field class they enrich their current knowledge in subject areas related to: Biology, Environmental Science, Physics/Engineering, Sustainable Living, and Physical Education.

Throughout the week they develop their interpersonal skills further preparing them for career/college by working on: problem solving, critical thinking, personal maturity, leadership, mentoring and gaining a sense of community.
Walden West Outdoor School
9/4/2023 - 5/27/2024
Ages 18 and up
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Registration will end on 5/25/2024.