Counselor in Training Application - Mini Session 2
Apply to be a Summer Camp Counselor in Training at PARI. PARI is offering three different date options for CIT's in 2023. See options and more information below:
-June 11-30th - Mini Session 1
-July 2-27th - Mini Session 2
-June 11-July 27th - Full Session

A counselor in training (CIT), for us at PARI, is an intermediate step between being a camper and being a counselor. CIT’s assist the counselors when they lead activities and supervise the campers. So, they may be supervising classroom or free time periods, or assisting with an experiment or extra curricular activity. When they are not actively scheduled to help with one of these things, they still have the option to be a participant in whatever else is going on during the day.

The minimum time commitment is to attend our training week at the beginning of the summer, typically the beginning of June, and then attend four weeks of camp, which is two camp sessions. Some CITs stay for longer if they wish. The four weeks do not need to be continuous, but the initial training week is required.

During the first two week camp session, they are primarily shadowing and assisting counselors. During the second session, they select a facet of camp they would like to lead themselves and prepare to do so. This can be something we already do, or something they have come up with themselves that we have approved. They could present on a relevant topic, lead an experiment, activity, or game, or complete a research project of their own and share their process and results.

A typical daily schedule is divided into three shifts. During one shift, they will be assisting counselors, during another they will be either participating in camp, or researching and planning their own project/activity to lead or share, and the third they have free. They go on all field trips, which is the exception, as the field trips can last all day.

There is no cost to be a CIT. Lodging and meals are provided, and a small stipend is paid upon successful completion of the program, proportional to the time spent. It is expected that someone participating in the CIT program has a legitimate interest in being a counselor in the future, though they are not obligated to do so, nor are we obligated to offer them that position.

7/2/2023 2:00 PM - 7/27/2023 10:00 AM
Ages 16 years 6 months - 18 years 6 mont
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