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Summer Camps
7/19/2020 - 7/30/2020
Grades 6th - 12th
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A ROVER'S JOURNEY (learning made fun for all students)
(Robotics, sensors, Al)

We have long sought to make life easier by building devices to do work for us. Some are simple and do just one task, others are complex and make human like decisions based on information sensed from the work around them. Come join us as we examine basic automatons and complex rovers that explore other planets and extreme environments on Earth.

After gaining an understanding of the hardware, software, and concepts that govern robotics, campers will build their own robot to take a unique journey and collect information from their environment and determine their path. Creativity and skill will reveal which designs succeed at their tasks and rise to the top, and which spin aimlessly in circles.

• Learn basic components of robots and how to pull them together to
make a complete design
• Discuss the ethical implications of building robots
• Explore the strategies that separate basic commands from artificial
• Experiment with different sensors to see what they can reveal about
the work around us
• Pit your robot against other to see which design works best
• Practice the basics of coding for micro-controllers, the brains of
• Recreational and fun activities, including exploring the gifts of the Blue
Ridge mountains. May include day trips such as hiking picnicking,
visits to waterfalls and swimming, tubing (with professional outfitters),
interacting with other local camp activities, places, and events.
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