Summer Camps
CAMP OPERATION NEBULA (A good precursor to - Camp Above & Beyond)

Operation NEBULA is a simulated space mission that teaches leadership, teamwork, and STEM principles, while exposing everyone to fun and creative experiences.This camp is an exciting, immersive journey amidst our campus' history, and it's critical role in the space race. Each instance of Operation Nebula will be different. One is a mission to Mars, the other will be a mission to a mystery exoplanet.

• Learn the critical components of a space mission
• Explore factors ranging from science objectives and physical
requirements of a space craft to human health and safety and political
and social implication of long-term missions
• Forms teams to be responsible for one facet of a complex mission and
coordinate with other teams to ensure all teams are working to form a
cohesive successful plan
• Present findings and recommendations and advocate for your teams
plans to the larger group
• Get hands-on experience with tools researchers use to study space
• Recreational and fun activities, including exploring the gifts of the Blue
Ridge mountains. May include day trips such as hiking and picnicking,
visits to waterfalls and swimming, tubing (with professional outfitters),
interacting with other local camp activities, places and events.
7/26/2020 - 8/6/2020
Grades 6th - 12th
Registration is no longer available