Cadette Day: 5/18 at Trefoil Ranch (Grades 5-8, Girl Only and Girl/Adult Registration)
Program Name
Cadette Day: 5/18 at Trefoil Ranch (Grades 5-8, Girl Only and Girl/Adult Registration)

Program Description
Explore everything there is to love about being a Cadette in this afternoon of Girl Scout fun at Trefoil Ranch! First, read up on our different sessions. Then choose your top five. Based on your preferences, we’ll place you in three one-hour sessions. What can you expect? All the best parts of being a Cadette and beyond in Girl Scouting. Learn how to throw axes, bond with your troop on the low ropes course, or get cooking by working towards your New Cuisines badge. You can also get a jump start on badges, explore outdoor skills, and more!

We’ll sample both badge work and high adventure activities available to Cadettes with the help of camp staff. This is a great opportunity to experience all the greatest parts of being a Cadette Girl Scout. There will also be an information session for volunteers and troop leaders, all about supporting your Girl Scouts as they transition to Cadettes.

Program Session Descriptions
During registration you will pick your top five program sessions from the list below. We will schedule you for three different program blocks. (Adults do not pick program sessions; just the girls.)
  • Cadette STEM Sampler (Space Science, Robotics, Coding for Good): Sample STEM with us! Cadettes have tons of great STEM badges and we want you to join us in trying them out. This isn't your average science class, be ready for tons of hands on activities and learning!
  • Crafty Cadettes: Come learn new craft skills that are perfect for any Cadette! We'll have a mix of craft activities from both badges and for-fun crafting. This is a great way for creative Girl Scouts to explore new crafts!
  • Field Day: Get into games with us! In this fun-filled workshop, you'll not only play games, you'll help create them. This session works towards the Field Day badge.
  • Hatchet Throwing: Try a fun new skill with hatchet throwing! Join us at the hatchet throwing range for a hatchet throwing lesson and session with our camp staff. Come ready to aim and throw plenty of hatchets.
  • Low Ropes: Come build team building skills with us! You'll work with fellow Girl Scouts to complete teamwork challenges on our low ropes course.
  • Outdoor Art Apprentice: Explore how art and nature collide with the Outdoor Art Apprentice badge. This will be tons of creative fun for Cadettes.
  • Outdoor Cooking (New Cuisines Badge): Dive into new outdoor cooking techniques with our campfire and stove! Not only will you become an outdoor chef, you'll work towards your New Cuisines badge, a great way to explore food from cultures and communities.
  • Outdoor Skills: Work towards the outdoor badges by learning survival skills! We'll try our hand at skills like water purification, outdoor ethics, and first aid to get ready for hiking, camping, and other Cadette adventures.
Participation Type
Girls attend with by themselves, with and adult, or with their troop. Each person is required to register.

Troop Registrations
Option 1:
  • Troop leader contacts GSU to secure the number of spots needed.
  • GSU will connect the payment to the troop leader’s UltraCamp account.
  • Troop leader will complete a troop information form letting GSU know who is attending.
  • Participants will bring Program Release forms to the event.
  • No individual registrations required by participants.
Option 2:
  • Individual families register on their own, paying the program deposit with the registration.
  • The balance is paid by the individual families or the troop.
Program Fee and Payment
  • Girl Member: $30 ($10 non-refundable deposit due with registration)
  • Girl Non-Member: $38 ($10 non-refundable deposit due with registration)
  • Adult: $0 (adults will not actively participate in the program blocks)
  • Balances due in full by 4/22/2024. If you register after this date, (a) you will be required to pay in full and (b) you will have 10 days to submit Activity Credits in order to have GSU refund your initial payment for the credits.
Activity Scholarships (Members Only)
  • Learn more and apply for an Activity Scholarship here.
  • To receive an award, you must register for the program, pay the deposit, and then apply for a scholarship.
Activity Credits (Girl Members Only)
  • Girls may use Activity Credits to pay for this program.
  • Option 1: Register now, pay deposit with credit card or e-check, mail Activity Credits to Girl Scouts of Utah with a payment form. Pay any remaining balance in UltraCamp with a credit card or e-check. Deposits will not be refunded in exchange of Activity Credits.
  • Option 2: To pay the deposit with Activity Credits, mail them to Girl Scouts of Utah with a payment form. Note: GSU will apply the credits to your UltraCamp account and then families are responsible for the registration in UltraCamp. GSU does not register the participant.
Cancellation and Refund Policy:
  • Program deposits are non-refundable.
  • Program fees (less the deposit) may be refunded before the program registration deadline. Cancellations after the program registration deadline will forfeit the full amount of the fee for each person registered.
  • For cancellations and registration changes, please contact Girl Scouts of Utah at 801-265-8472 or
  • Program registration deadline is 5/6/2024.
Girl Scouts of Utah - Trefoil Ranch
5/18/2024 1:00 PM - 5/18/2024 5:30 PM
Grades 5th - 8th
Girl Member: $30 /// Adult: $0 /// $10 non-refundable deposit due with girl registration
8 males
8 females
8 total openings
Registration will end on 5/6/2024 at 11:59 PM.