Camp Lookout New Staff Application
Positions Offered:
Support Staff-
Support Staff are the youngest members of the staff, typically comprised of rising seniors and recent high school graduates. They must be a minimum of 16 years of age. Even though all Camp Lookout staff members practice servant leadership, support staff live this out in the most disciplined and selfless way. Support staff are the backbone of camp, involved in a lot of the behind-the-scenes work, such as setting up evening events and filling water coolers. In addition to attending to the many details that make camp run, support staff work closely with counselors and assist in leading Bible Studies and outdoor activities. They typically live in staff housing, but may also serve as staff-camper ratio in cabins. This structure enables support staff to build strong relationships with campers, other staff members, and one another—all in a day’s work.
Leadership/Specialty staff-
​Leadership and Specialty Staff are mostly college students who oversee a particular program area or supervise an area of staff. Each of these positions requires unique skills and expertise. Positions vary from Media Specialist to our Outpost and Resource Staff (the leaders of our outdoor adventure programs), from our Director of Counselors to our Aquatics Director. All positions require previous camp experience OR equivalent skills and experience acquired elsewhere. Leadership and Specialty Staff not only oversee their particular areas of camp, they also serve as leaders and support for the rest of the camp staff, stepping in and fulfilling roles wherever they are needed. Leadership and Specialty Staff reside in staff housing but check in with counselors and campers frequently.
Counseling Staff-
Counseling Staff is the heart of camping ministry, providing campers with structure, a safe environment, and strong community of role models. They must be at least 18 years of age and have completed one year of college or work, or be at least 19 years of age. Counselors have leadership and supervisory responsibility for campers from the time campers arrive until the time they leave for home. Each camp session, counselors are assigned a group of campers to whom they offer emotional support, friendship, and guidance throughout the week. Counselors stay with campers in the cabin and lead a wide variety of outdoor activities throughout the week. By living and learning together, counselors form special bonds with campers and have the unique opportunity to change their lives forever.
Camp Lookout Staff
5/20/2024 - 7/29/2024
Ages 15 and up
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