CAMP 510
Camp 510
STart CAMP -WK 5
7/13/2020 - 7/17/2020
Grades 1st - 5th
Registration for this session will end on 7/13/2020.
Studio Trio of Art (START)
Three creative projects fill out your CAMPer's week. CAMPers spend 75 minutes each day, in each of the three studios. Each studio time is hyphenated with a recess and snack (or lunch) break. Appropriate for children grades 1-5.
Available Options:
Extended Care
EC Drop In AfternoonsExtended Care by the day, 3-6pm.
EC Drop In MorningsExtended Care by the day, 8am-9am.
EC WeekThe whole shebang - extended care for mornings and afternoons (8am-9am AND 3pm-6pm).+ $120.00  
EC Weekly AfternoonsA Week of Extended Care for the Afternoons, 3-6pm.+ $100.00  
EC Weekly MorningsA Week of Extended Care Mornings (8am-9am).+ $45.00  
Extended Care 5 Hours
Need extended care for an hour here and an hour there? Buy an Extended Care Punch Card of 5 one hour increments to use when you like.
+ $65.00  
Extended Care Days of the Week
EC Afternoons
Friday Afternoon+ $35.00  
Monday Afternoon+ $35.00  
Thursday Afternoon+ $35.00  
Tuesday Afternoon+ $35.00  
Wednesday Afternoon+ $35.00  
EC Mornings
Friday (Morning)+ $13.50  
Monday (Morning)+ $13.50  
Thursday (Morning)+ $13.50  
Tuesday (Morning)+ $13.50  
Wednesday (Morning)+ $13.50  
Stainless Steel Water BottleAn 18oz Stainless Steel Water Bottle with the CAMP logo to help ensure your CAMPer stays well hydrated.+ $13.17  
Adult Fleece Hoodie
Fleece Hoodies, Adult Large+ $49.39  
Fleece Hoodies, Adult Medium+ $49.39  
Fleece Hoodies, Adult Small+ $49.39  
Fleece Hoodies, Adult X-Large+ $49.39  
Adult T-Shirt Hoodie
T-Shirt Hoodies Adult Large+ $38.41  
T-Shirt Hoodies Adult Medium+ $38.41  
T-Shirt Hoodies Adult Small+ $38.41  
Child Fleece Hoodie
Fleece Hoodies, Child Large+ $38.41  
Fleece Hoodies, Child Medium+ $38.41  
Fleece Hoodies, Child Small+ $38.41  
Child Long Slv T-Shirt
T-Shirt, Child Large+ $28.00  
T-Shirt, Child Medium+ $28.00  
T-Shirt, Child Small+ $28.00  
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