Summer Enrichment and Sports
Thinking Feet: Game & Animation Programming PLUS Mobile Apps Development
7/6/2020 - 7/10/2020
9:00 AM - 12:00 PM
Grades Grade 3 - Grade 5
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MIT Scratch is one of the best platforms to launch your child's coding journey. Campers build games, animations and applications using MIT's Scratch platform and see creations come to life immediately in front of their eyes. Campers will build a myriad of different games from Space pursuits to Innovative Ball games to logic puzzles using the simple yet amazingly powerful Scratch Platform. Games they will build include the use of video sensing where they will control objects on the screen by waving their hands in the air!! There will be challenges to keep both Beginner and Advanced programmers engaged and learning. Campers design and develop fully functional mobile apps and games that they can install on their phones plus share with family and friends. Using simple yet powerful tools, campers proudly design and develop fully functional Android apps. They will amaze you with their creativity in this program that has campers building all new apps at both beginner and advanced levels. Students will become self sufficient in building apps and various inbuilt phone sensors like accelerometer, orientation sensor, GPS, camera, etc. Our students have branched out to win many coding competitions and published apps on the app store. Your child will come out of this camp with sufficient exposure and knowledge to continue their journey independently and build many mobile apps with practical use.
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10%Full Day Discount - July 6-10This discount applies if you register for an morning camp, afternoon camp, and super care coverage. The morning and afternoon camp will be discounted by 10%. Super care coverage will remain at $125.
$50.00Lunch Care - July 6-10Lunch care is free if you sign up for morning and afternoon camp and do not plan to attend Morning or Afternoon Care.

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