Summer Enrichment and Sports
Remote - Photo Fun
6/15/2020 - 6/19/2020
9:00 AM - 11:00 AM
Grades Grade 6 - Grade 8
Registration for this session is no longer available
Photo Fun!
Instructor, Tom Delaney
Learn digital photography from the comfort of your own home! Adventure awaits as we use our smart phones and image editing apps to capture and explore the world in our own back yard. Students learn the basics of photography, how to edit images for clarity, creativity and share safely. The class will create a gallery of images to share. Respectful capture and use of imagery are cornerstones of this class and mirror the CCDS code of conduct. This class is offered on-line as part of the CCDS summer programs.
1-week session, multiple weeks in June.
9 AM – 11:00 AM, M-F
-access to a smartphone,
-With parents’/guardians’ permission, download the free image editing app SnapSeed.
-computer or smartphone with Microsoft Teams meeting platform is used to share
Daily 9 AM – the following is a typical class period:
-Check in with class via Microsoft Teams,
-intro on first day and check in
-demo/explanation of new assignment,
-Q and A
-lab time (students try a mini session to confirm they know how to do the assignment/editing),
-45 – 60 minutes: activity period for students to explore, complete the project and upload.
-share time – students view and enjoy other students work
-class-wrap up
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10%Full Day Discount - June 15-19This discount applies if you register for an morning camp, afternoon camp, and super care coverage. The morning and afternoon camp will be discounted by 10%. Super care coverage will remain at $125.
$50.00Lunch Care - June 15-19Lunch care is free if you sign up for morning and afternoon camp and do not plan to attend Morning or Afternoon Care.

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