2023 CILT Summer Burn Camp Program
What is the CILT Program?

CILT stands for Camper in Leadership Training.

This CILT training provides an introductory knowledge for 17-18 year olds based on theories of leadership. Through experience, participants practice skills and gain experience in leadership opportunities within the camp program.

In small groups and one-on-one mentor relationships, participants reflect on their experiences and engage in intentional conversations. The goal is to empower participants to practice goal setting, understand the importance of team, and understand how to transfer the skills learned at camp and apply them in new and different settings, environments, and interactions in their communities after camp. The participants will also learn how to think in terms of their role in the world and move away from thinking just about the self.

CILTS arrive one day before the rest of the campers and spend time in small group sessions covering a variety of topics. They are led by the CILT Leadership Team and assigned a mentor in the cabin. Campers live in cabins with other campers and assume a leadership role. They will be given opportunities to transform the lessons from their pre-camp training into real world experiences.

As always, we encourage learning and the practice of life skills which help our campers face their fears, meet new people and identify their own personal strengths. There is a renewed focus on goal-setting, teamwork, styles of leadership, strength finding & learning to lead.

Who is eligible?

This is a leadership program for our seniors and 2015 high school graduates. (Typically 17-18). To be considered for the CILT Program, candidates must have attended Summer Camp in the past and be in good standing with the program.

What will my child learn from this experience?

1. Participants learn to identify personal strengths and weaknesses and become more self-aware
2. Participants are given tools and opportunities to lead
3. Participants are encouraged to think of themselves in the sense of the world

When is it?

CILTS arrive one day before the rest of the campers and spend time in small group sessions covering a variety of topics. August 16-24, 2015 at Cheley Colorado Camps in Estes Park, CO.

What is my role?

When the application becomes available -- Login to your online profile. Register your child for the 2015 CILT Program. Complete the parent part of the online registration. The application is not considered complete until your child completes the CILT questions.

Is there a cost?

This program has the same fee structure as Summer Camp. Some referring hospitals offer sponsorship. Your hospital will let you know their policy. We ask families to consider a contribution toward this healing opportunity for your child. The suggested contribution is $390. Any amount that you contribute helps us continue offering this great program! Scholarships are available.

As part of the continued learning and development process, the camp program focuses on independence, goal-setting, and ownership. As part of this process, we strongly encourage campers to fundraise toward their contribution.

Ideas include:

· Letter writing to family and friends
· Camp sponsorships from burn unit, community, or church
· After-school and part-time jobs such as babysitting, mowing lawns

How are applicants selected?

Participants are selected by camp leadership team. Applications are evaluated based on the following criteria:

• Thoughtfulness and quality of the CILT application questions
• Completion of 10+ hours of community service
• Reflection on service project and what was learned from it
• Applications submitted before April 3rd are given highest priority

How will my child know if they are accepted?

All applicants will be notified by April 21 of acceptance decisions! If your child decides they do not want to pursue the CILT program and would like to enroll as a camper, please notify us and we will send you a different application.

Thank you for allowing camp to continue to be a part of your child’s journey. Please reach out to me for more information about this great opportunity.

Contact the CILT Leadership Team with questions.
Nanci Ricks nanciricks@mac.com
Patrick Hynes phynes@denvergov.org

All the best,

Trudy Boulter
8/13/2023 - 8/20/2023
Ages 16 - 19
Supported by donations